Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tale As Old As Time - September 15, 2014

Well, I'm in the middle of doing the longest questionnaire in the world for missionaries world wide... thus I have only 10 minutes to write my weekly email. YAY! I only say YAY to stop myself from screaming. This is so frustrating...

 This week went pretty decently... not as well as last week, but we were gone for 2 whole days in Lyon for an exchange and a zone conference, which were both really great. I needed those boosts of spiritual energy! I even got to see one of my Georgia buddies, Michael Jenkins!! SO fun to have a fellow Georgian in the mission finally :) Picture attached...

We were able to spend last PDay with our awesome new DMP who lives in the mountains. We had the MOST incredible lunch and then went on a little hike... and by little I mean I could grab the mountain in front of my face as we were climbing. It was so rough, hahaha. But it was beautiful and totally worth it when we got to the top and saw the 360 view. The Lord created a beautiful world for us :)

We did an exchange with the STLs. Soeur Magleby is wonderful! And I realized I didn't take a picture with her... Lame. 

Coolest miracle of the week was definitely with our little Ferreira family! We met them two weeks
ago while I was on an exchange. Remember? Its a single mom who is Portuguese! We met her 9 year old and her 10 year old last week... well, she even has a 15 year old! That makes a family of 4!!! WOOHOO! And the 15 year old, Lea, is wonderful. Our restoration lesson was like magic. They both asked questions constantly. When we presented the Book of Mormon, Lea said "wait, we have that book!" she ran into her moms room and came back with a tiny, incredibly old copy of the Book of Mormon!! I WAS BLOWN AWAY. My mouth was a fly trap for about 4 minutes. I read the inside cover of the book. It was given to them by two sister missionaries probably 10 years ago. Our work never goes unnoticed. They accepted everything well, and even began to ask questions about the plan of salvation... We told them more would come next week. They seemed incredibly excited. We are pumped to see them again this week and share more!

I'm sorry... I have so much more to tell about how wonderfully everything is going for Amandine and Patrice, and some super cool new amis like Colette, but I need to be obedient if I want to keep seeing these miracles. Running out of time for emails... its a tale as old as time, am I right or am I right? haha.

Just know that the Lord is with us. He loves us. He loves you so much. I love you too. Have a wonderful week :)

Avec tout mon amour,
Soeur Beeny

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