Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 19, 2013 - Go with the motions...

What a packed week... we are so busy. We had lots of RDVs and good stuff happening this past week!! We had several RDVs with our ami Nicholas, but we decided we need to drop him. He was going to be baptized the 31st, but he wasn't keeping any of his commitments, he refused to stop smoking, and he hasn't come to church for the past 5 weeks we have been teaching him. He basically meets with us because he is bored and he thinks we are cute and charming... too bad. He will be prepared for the gospel one day I'm sure, but not now and not with us.
Today has been kinda rough. We had a few good RDVs with our golden ami Steve in Limoux this past week. We taught him the plan of salvation, and he told us it was incredible how paralleled our beliefs are with his. He is so spiritually in tune. He really opened up to us about his son passing away a few years ago. He has been reading, but hasn't prayed yet. He is a photographer and had an exhibition this weekend that he invited us to. We were able to go for about 20 minutes. He's INCREDIBLE! He even took some pictures of us last week and put them in the exhibit... so of course they were beautiful pictures, haha. He's just so cool. Well we had a RDV with him this morning... and he dropped us. He met this girl this past weekend and she "changed his point of view on life". Hes decided to move to Japan for some reason because it feels right to him. He thanked us for our time and told us it was a pleasure and that he would never forget us. He wants us to keep in touch when we get home. He told us he is happy where he is now and that he doesn't think he needs to change or be tied down to anything. He wants to be free from attachments... so he was really nice about it, but when he left the park where we were sitting I turned to Soeur Bayles and just started crying. We thought he was golden. We thought he would for sure get baptized... but Soeur Bayles and I talked. He will be baptized. He just needs more time. We were able to give him a solid foundation. He still has the Book of Mormon, and his experience with us will make him very open to other missionaries he will eventually meet in Japan. So yeah... it was a bummer, but for the best I'm sure. The Lord knows us and what we need. Steve isn't lost. He is continuing his path.

Cool miracles! On our way back from Limoux one day last week I sat across from a woman on the train. She saw my tag and started talking to me and asking me questions. She is evangelist, so she started to tell me how wrong I was and that the Book of Mormon couldn't be true and that organized religion is a sham... well President's words came to my mind again, "talk about Christ". I bore her my testimony of the Savior and she really opened up to me about her love for Jesus. She was so warm and the spirit was like a wall. I realized my companion and I had made the goal to have a RDV today but didn't have one planned... I realized that the Lord had put this woman in my path for a reason... I asked if we could pray together and she insisted it was necessary. She asked me if she could keep the Libre de Mormon, the book she had slandered just minutes previously. She also gave us her information and told us she wanted to meet with us and learn more. The love of the Savior touches hearts and penetrates the Spirit. Don't forget it.

We saw this woman (Monique) again this morning randomly in a ville where she doesn't live. We see so many miracles.

Another miracle! The other day we made a goal to visit a less active family in Pennautier... well we didn't have their address and they weren't answering the phone... so we went around porting for a while! We saw a lizard, so we prayed, and we knocked on a door three minutes later to find the Anderson family... WHAT?! How lucky could we get?! But it wasn't luck. It was a miracle and anther example of the Lords work being pressed forward. The Anderson family is from New Zealand. They are a GORGEOUS family with 5 kids. The dad is a rugby player for the Carcassonne team. None of them speak French, so they don't come to church too often because they don't understand! We felt really lucky to see them. They came to church yesterday and we translated for them. They invited us over for dinner after church... Which was soooo amazing. They grilled. We shared a short spiritual thought about Christ. Sister Anderson and the two oldest daughters were in tears when they shared their feelings about the Savior. They are such a great family. They are so fun and cool and strong. We really feel like we brought the spirit into their home and they feel more welcome at church when we translate for them (which is literally the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life...). So yay.

Cool thing... we had zone training this week in Montpellier and we stayed the night with the Soeurs there. One of them was Soeur Hirschi... so I thought thats weird and not a common name. When I told her I was from Atlanta she asked if I knew Jodi... WHAT?! They're cousins. What a small small world... I MUST BE HER COMPANION!!
Yesterday after we ate at the Andersons house we had like 30 minutes till we needed to be inside... we decided to go get some contacting in because we made a goal to have a RDV but hadn't. We talked to a woman on a bench but she didn't seem interested. We left her a pass along card. We walked about 50 feet away and I swear, it wasn't subtle at all, the Spirit punched me in the gut and turned me around. We went back and asked the woman if we could share our message right there on the bench. She accepted and we talked about the Saviors love for her. She cried. We gave her a Book of Mormon. She is contacting the missionaries when she gets home from vacation. The Lord is so incredible. I have truly seen the blessings of following the promptings of the Spirit. Never push feelings away. YOU WILL REGRET IT! I am so grateful for this gospel.

Passez une bonne semaine! Je vous aime, et j'espere que vous pouvez ressentir l'amour de dieu chaque jour. Jésus est notre sauveur. N'oubliez pas ça!!

Avec tout mon amour,

Soeur Beeny


August 12, 2013 - Don't Forget To Pray

This week really proved to me the power of miracles. First of all, last P-Day while we were in the castle, I got pooped on by a bird. The poop missed my ice cream by like 3 inches. MIRACLE! And also hysterical. Soeur Bayles and I died of laughter. I am a professional at taking apart and putting together IKEA bunk beds. It was impressive. We had the most amazing quiche this week... but the best food I've had in France was this week. I literally teared up it was so good. Buy some really good cracker/biscuits and Brie cheese and raspberry jam... and eat it together. BLEW MY MIND!!

Biggest miracle of the week: Wednesday we made plans to go to a ville called Lezignon and back up plans to go to Quillan... We went to the gare and both trains were two hours late, so we decided to go to this squat nothing town called Bram. When we got there, we saw two people in the first 20 minutes. We thought we may be wasting our time and wanted to leave, but I thought we should stay and try to port. Lots of people were answering the doors, but not many were interested. We came upon a house with a fence covered in shrubbery. There was no sonnerie (doorbell) or a door to knock on, so we started to walk away... I all of a sudden I had the thought that we should yell inside the fence for them. I told Soeur Bayles and we ran back and started yelling "bonjour! bonjour!" a woman came to the door... and we had met her WEEKS ago in Castelnaudary! We had a great conversation with her there, but lost contact with her. And here she was in Bram... WHAT?! She was visiting her mom. The Lord had prepared us that day. Those trains were late for a reason. She let us in and we gave her a lesson and left her with a Livre de Mormon and set up our next RDV for next week when she's home in Castelnaudary. INCREDIBLE!! We also randomly ran into a beautiful sunflower field in Bram and took some gorgeous pictures... The Lord was blessing us all over the place that day. BRAM: LA VILLE DES MIRACLES 2. haha

We had Bleus conference on Friday in Lyon with all of the missionaries from my district in the MTC. It was so incredible!! President gave some great insights. I love Lyon; Soeur Bayles and I were able to go on Thursday night and do some contacting and see lots of missionaries. So fun! I really wanna serve in a big ville because contacting is my jam. I would THRIVE there. My French is improving greatly. Probably because our new missionaries in our apartment are aweome! Soeur Vidal is Mexican but from Quebec. We speak French all the time at home! I am so grateful. Soeur Everett is her new missionary. She's gorgeous! She's a dancer and from LA. She was at BYU for one semester. I love her already. Also, McDonalds is super classy here... its way expensive and only cool people eat and work there, haha. Thought you would like that :)

So our amis are doing great. Nicholas accepted a baptismal date of August 31but has to quit smoking first... pray for him. We had another INCREDIBLE RDV with Steve in Limoux by the river under a tree. He accepted the first lesson so well and read the Book of Mormon some. He constantly talks about how full of love and energy we are. He told us he already knows our message is true because he can see it in our eyes, but he wants to know for himself. He asked us to teach him how to pray. HE'S GOLDEN! We will see him again on Wednesday. We love him and we know he is so prepared. I wish I could tell you more, but I just don't have time. I wanna send my journal home when I fill it up so that you can read every bit.

The other crazy thing to happen this week: Bishop asked us to give talks on the spot yesterday. I STARTED TO CRY! I was so afraid I didn't know what to do. I prayed, and the words of President Roney came to my mind: talk about The Savior. And I did. I basically gave the same talk he gave us at bleus conference about being greater instruments in the hands of the lord by having faith and being prepared. I referenced john 6 and 11. It was a great talk. I was so grateful for prayer and revelation in that moment. This is the true gospel. I am so grateful for the miracles I see here EVERYDAY!

I love you all and miss you so much... keep the faith. Pray for the people of Carcassonne. Do all you can to help spread this good word of God.

Until Monday!!

Avec tout mon amour,

Soeur Victoria Beeny

Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 5, 2013 - Our House!! In the Middle Of The Street! Our House!!

I'M STAYING HERE IN CARCASSONNE!!!! Another glorious transfer with the beautiful Soeur Bayles. We are both so excited. Soeur Bayles has never served with anyone for more than one transfer, so I'm her first! We honestly couldn't be more happy. Soeur Fairchild is going home to America, and Soeur  Green has been transferred to Bordeaux... It's sad to say goodbye to them, but we are excited to receive our new soeurs. Soeur Vidal is coming to Carcassonne. She's Mexican, but from Quebec; therefore, she is fluent in French and Spanish and speaks some English. My French is gonna sky  rocket this transfer with her in our apartment! She'll be training a new missionary who will be arriving on Wednesday. YAY!! But it's our house now. We can clean with hard cleaners with out Soeur Fairchild who is allergic to EVERYTHING! We also rearranged all the furniture. IT'S OUR HOUSE NOW! So yay.

This past week was awesome. Last P-Day we went to a super sweet night show in the castle because its the festival of Carcassonne right now. It was just like Medieval Times!! But outside, in French, and in a real medieval castle... SO SWEET!! I'll send pictures.

We went to Castelnaudary for a day and had a killer RDV with the woman that let us into her house a few weeks ago while we were porting (tracting). Her name is Josiane and she is the cutest old French woman in the world. The RDV (appointment) was two hours long!! It was so cute. She's a super devout protestant. She has INCREDIBLE faith in Christ. She finally accepted the Book of Mormon. She says she won't change religions, but she hasn't been taught the plan of salvation yet. We are gonna get her this week when we teach her on Wednesday. Please pray for her!! 

We also met a new ami in Limoux, another little ville outside of Carcassonne. His name is Steve Henderson. He is from London and he is a photographer. It's awesome because we get to teach him in
English. YES! We met him last week and had a GREAT RDV this past week. We met up with him and then walked to the river and sat under a willow tree in the grass for our RDV. It was a very spiritual spot. Steve has had a rough life, but he has so much faith. He's not a Christian, but he is very spiritual and relates everything to energy. Everything he already believes is true, you just have to put our gospel words to his vocabulary. Anyway, he took the Book of Mormon and said OF COURSE he would read it. He is literally a golden ami. We are meeting with him again this week. SO PUMPED!

Chan Tan has been strangely busy this past week... we could only meet with him once. And he tried to drop us!! He is so stressed out about finding an apartment and a job... But the spirit prevailed! Luckily we had a member present in the lesson who is a convert named Serge. Serge diverted him and was able to reconcile him and promise him that continuing to meet with us would bless his life and make him happier. We will continue working with him and progressing towards his baptismal date at the end of the year (hopefully sooner).

One day last week we were having terrible luck while contacting. We had been out in the burning sun ALL DAY! With no success... We were right around the block from our apartment as we were heading home. I was still happy because we had worked hard, but sad because we hadn't found anyone. I prayed in my heart so hard that we would see one more person before we arrived home and that they would be receptive. I visualized someone around the corner... and guess what? There was a man. We stopped to talk to him. His name is Yoland. He is super cool and very eager to learn more about our gospel and how he can become closer to Christ. I am so grateful for that miracle that I saw! The Lord hears our prayers and blesses us for our obedience. THIS GOSPEL IS GOLDEN!! The Lord loves us and wants to bless us. We just have to ask for it first!

So this morning Soeur Bayles and I dropped the soeurs off at the gare (train station) and then went grocery shopping. We were on our way home talking about how AWESOME this transfer is going to be. We feel like we are going to have a baptism. And I told her that we were gonna have three if we continued to be obedient and diligent... so we're walking, and guess who we see? Nicholas!! Our ami from three weeks ago who got really sick and had to go to the hospital!! We hadn't talked to him in FOREVER and thought he could be dead... Well he was sitting on a bench and we ran up and shook his hand and asked how he was doing... and he said he felt great. He wants to start having lessons again starting this week!! So holy moly. The Lord has provided yet another miracle in my little life! We were so excited. I am so excited. Life is glorious.


Yesterday was one of the greatest days of my mission. Seriously incredible. It was a normal Sunday. Relief Society, us teaching primary (which only had two kids in it yesterday, haha, so fun!), and then Sacrament Meeting. There was an American family here on vacation, and they asked us to translate for them... and we did! I translated for the dad and felt so good afterwards. I was able to do it. I have really felt your prayers. My French has continued to improve again. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I needed that extra help. But after church we went with Eveque Martin (bishop) and his family to their house for a party/festivity thing for Soeur Fairchild and Soeur Greens going away. They are incredible. Soeur Martin is from Tahiti, and Bishop is full French. They have 8 kids, the youngest being 9. She reminds me SO much of Aubrey, haha. And the oldest is married with two kids. Half of the kids in the Martin family speak perfect English because they served missions in the US or studied it a lot in school. Anyway, we went to their house in the Northern mountains outside of Carcassonne. Their house is BEAUTIFUL! Two other families from the ward joined. We had the most spectacular Tahitian meal of sausage, lentils, couscous, salad (all fresh veggies from their huge garden), zucchini cake, and ice cream EVER! I thought I was gonna throw up. We went on a lovely walking tour of the little ville with bishop and then stopped by their garden. We went to a little stream and bishop taught us how to skip rocks on the water. It was literally like a fairytale day!! We went back to the house, had a spiritual thought, played some fun games and then headed home. It was amazing. I cant wait to go back up there at the end of this transfer.


Speaking of transfers... isn't it crazy to think that I've already been out on a mission for 2 transfers and almost 3 months? WOW! Time flies when you're serving the Lord. Just know that I love you all so much. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord. I'm a happy person, you know that, but I have never been happier. Please keep praying for me and praying for my amis!! We know we were called by God to stay here in Carcassonne because we have some miracles to perform. We are gonna see some baptisms this month. Just wait and see :)


Je vous aime avec tout mon coeur!!!


Avec tout mon amour,

Soeur Victoria Beeny


49 Rue Marceau Perrutel

11000 Carcassonne



PS I hear you've been slacking on the blog... KEEP IT UP! There are people waiting to hear about my adventures in France!! Haha, love you. 

July 29, 2013 - Stop! In the Name of Love!

Yay! I have lots of time to email stuff! I cant believe Aubrey is already starting school... so weird!! I hope you have fun getting her ready though :)

So some things I forgot to include last week.
Zone Conference was incredible! I was so inspired by the constant reminder to CONTACT EVERYONE! Literally, we're stopping people in the street because we love them. God loves them, and He wants them back with him for all eternity. We have been so good at stopping people and contacting everyone. Our numbers have skyrocketed in the mission! It gives me faith and I have begun contacting on my own without Soeur Bayles so that we can literally talk to EVERYONE we run into. It is scary, but I've learned a lot. Soeur Bayles told me that most new missionaries don't start contacting on their own or making phone calls until the END of their SECOND transfer. I'm weeks ahead of the usual's, so yay!! Taking initiative has blessed me and I feel more confident in my abilities to share the gospel.
But at zone conference, the assistants to the president (aka, the best elders in the mission) teach for the last two hours. They wanted to have a demonstration of how to contact... AND GUESS WHO THEY HAD COME UP FRONT?! That's right. Me. One of the 4 brand new missionaries in the room. And they didn't let Soeur Bayles come up. I had to do it on my own in front of the 60 experienced missionaries in the room. I literally thought I was going to throw up I was so scared. Not to mention I had to contact one of the assistants who is an actual Frenchman and he would notice how bummy I am at French compared to everyone else... but I got up and I took a deep breath and I did it! And it went pretty well. Everyone was impressed with my abilities and at the end I wasn't as embarrassed as I thought I would be. All these old missionaries came up and gave me props afterwards. I felt good. I can do this you guys.

So this is the last week of my first transfer in France!! There are 12 transfers in a Soeur's mission. I spent the first in the MTC, and the second in Carcassonne. I'm 1/6th of the way through my mission already... LIKE WHAT?! Time is going by so fast, you're right. I love it here and I feel SO blessed. So Friday we will receive phone calls from president and he will tell us if we are moving villes or if we stay in Carcassonne. I may or may not be serving with Soeur Bayles and I may be leaving, so hopefully your letters will come in the mail soon!! So don't send me anything until next week so I can let you know if I've moved villes or not... I'm so scared. But I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for me!!

We had exchanges with the sister training leaders on Monday and Tuesday up in Talence, a ville outside of Bordeaux. BORDEAUX IS SO GORGEOUS!! Seriously, I hope I get to serve there one day... But Talence is kinda ugly, haha. But I was with Soeur Pfost, this adorable little missionary. We were able to teach one of her amis on Tuesday, and it was in English! So it went pretty well and I was able to feel more comfortable in my own language. So good! It went well.
I contacted a man on the street by myself on Tuesday, and he instantly realized I wasn't a native speaker. He asked me if Jesus was dead... so I said He died but that He was resurrected and tried to testify! Then I told him about and he asked me if Jesus made the website... haha, he was pulling my leg big time! Then he asked me if it would be cool with the church if he was married to his own sister... it got so awkward at the point that I literally told him to look it up on the website and I got out of there, haha. So yeah. Contacting can be VERY interesting sometimes.

We went to this super cute ville called Limoux this week to see a member family. They are so cute and strong. The Campanairs have 4 kids. Soeur Bayles and I had a great time with them, and we missed our bus 3 times that day, so we kept going back to the city to contact. We met some cool people. Also, I have started taking lots of pictures of doors. The French take their doors VERY seriously here. They're beautiful. I'll send you my favorite one of the week and where I took the picture. When I get home I'm gonna make a huge picture with all the doors. They're so cool. I want a French door.

I got your package! I got it like a week and a half ago, I just forgot to tell you, haha. IT WAS SO CUTE! Seriously adorable. Thank you so much. All of the things you sent are very useful :) I love green. Its funny, seeing your handwriting made me cry. I loved Aubrey's little letter! Haha, she's such a dork. All she talked about were her dolls... Did she get the eraser I sent?! Please say yes. I bought it in the castle and I couldn't help myself. I'll be sending something else soon... probably in a month or a little less, if you know what I mean :)

We had district conference this week in Bezier, and we have another district meeting there later this week as well. It was so fun. I'll get a picture with my district and send it next week. 

So we got our next ami!! He was an ami before we got here with the last équipe, but he was on vacation for the last month or so. His name is Chan Tan and he's 58 years old from Cambodia. He lives in a foyer, which is basically a homeless shelter run by the government that takes really good care of people but they watch them like hawks. They allow them to live there for as long as needed until they find a job and are stable enough to live on their own. The only down side is that the government won't let them do things unless it helps them find a job, so he can't get baptized till he leaves the foyer, which is most likely at the end of the year. So we set a baptismal date with him for the 28th of December. Its a long ways out, but it could definitely be moved up if he finds a job sooner! So keep him in your prayers that he will find a job and continue to grow in his faith in Christ. Please also pray for the Ressetti family and the Cathala families. They are both two families that we could possibly start teaching. Otherwise, I can't really think of anyone.

So yeah, this week was busy and VERY HOT, but awesome. I had a spiritual impression that there is a family waiting to be taught by us, so pray that we will find a family receptive to our message that wants to follow the example of Christ. I am trying hard and working diligently to strengthen my faith. So pray for me so that I can become exactly obedient and follow all the promptings of the spirit.

I love you all so much. Keep the faith. This is the Lord's gospel. Be obedient and you will see miracles in your lives! Be kind to the missionaries there and give them my love :) FIND THEM PEOPLE TO TEACH! You meet so many people. Love them and share this beautiful blessing called the gospel with them. Have a great week. à Lundi!

Avec mon amour,

Soeur Victoria Beeny







July 26, 2013 - SORRY - Don't Kill Me!

My First Baguette!

Don't kill me! Haha, 
Sorry I didn't get to email on Monday! It was my p-day, but Soeur Bayles and I went on exchanges to Talence, a little ville outside of Bordeaux, so we didn't have time to email and today was the first opportunity we had time!  I'm just gonna tell you about last week so that Monday I will still have something to say to you :)
The beach looks so fun! I love the pictures. I hope the weather has been better for you. Im glad work has been keeping you busy. I'm the same way, haha. I love your excitement for missionary work!! You're the bomb. I seriously love you. keep it up and don't be afraid to look for people to share the gospel with! 

So our ami Nicholas... has been hospitalized because he's insane. So we dropped him. SAD!
We went to Castlenaudary and had lots of fun. I contacted a German man in a speedo, haha. We also meet lots of hysterical old people here in France.
We only had 8 tombez vous this week.  We're getting better, but we had NO lessons last week, which was a bummer, but we have had more this week.
Last week a member asked me to help her sew a dress for a wedding the next day... well she gave me the materials, instructions in ITALIAN, and a sewing machine that was made before grandma was born and left me to suffer for 8 hours... It turned out ugly and old ladyish, but I did it. The machine was broken for 2 of the hours. It sucked so bad, but it felt so good to serve her.

We have been finding tons of roaches in our apartment. YUCK. But there is literally nothing we can do about it.
We went to Aix for zone conference last week and stayed two nights in Montepellier. SO FUN!! I love France. It was incredible to hear from President again and to learn so much. He gave me my interview over the lunch table because he is the least worried about me than any other new missionaries. WOOH! That was a relief.
We teach primary every week, which is loads of fun. We did exchanges in Talence, a little ville outside of Bordeaux. WOW BORDEAUX IS GORGEOUS! So is Montpellier. I'm out of time because it's limited. I'll send pictures and tell you more on Monday.
Again I'm sorry for the fears!

This is the true gospel! Pray for me. I feel like my French has halted and its worrying me a ton, so keep praying!!! Love you so much.


Soeur Beeny

Door of the Week

July 15, 2013 - Cause Baby You're A Firework

Dearest Family!

I love hearing what's going on at home!
Mike Sherbert is going to change that Elders Quorum. That is incredible. I'm so happy for the Sharon Springs ward! Also, sister missionaries. That is going to be a HUGE blessing to the ward. I'm so happy for y'all. Endear them. Make them feel loved. I'm glad you'll be going on splits with them. There is nothing that brings more success than when the members are involved. Seriously. I challenge you to pray earnestly this week and think of a nonmember friend or family you could introduce to the gospel and the missionaries. It will bless their lives. Don't fear. Be brave. Open your mouth and share.

What a stinkin' INCREDIBLE week. Its funny it was so good, because we had 12 tombez-vous(people that don't show up for scheduled lessons)... haha, but it was still sups fun and rewarding! 

Whitewashing has been quite an experience... Its lots of hard work, but it is definitely worth it!! We found our first ami (investigator) and he is progressing well... His name is Nicholas. He is about 35. He has had a few lessons before, but he's serious this time. HOPEFULLY! He has tattoos and facial piercings, haha. But he's quitting smoking and he has a great support system here in our ward, so it's looking up right now! There were 95 people in sacrament meeting!! 30 more than last week. WOW! There were so many visitors. A lot of less actives came too. We are doing our best to endear everyone so that they will feel loved and want to come back. There was a non-member family that came with their friends. They said they loved it and Soeur Bayles and I should begin teaching them this week hopefully. YESS. Seriously, this work is incredible.

I saw my first baptism yesterday too! The other Soeurs in our apartment had their baptism for their investigator Isaac. He's a super cool African dude. It was beautiful. The eveque (bishop) performed the ordinance. I CRIED! haha, I cant even imagine what I'll be like when it's my own baptism. I just knew that Isaac was changing his life yesterday. I was so happy for him and for the other soeurs.

Also, the French is coming along great. My companion and I only speak in French outside the apartment, so I learn tons. My companion thinks I will be training next transfer, so I'm taking on a lot of responsibility just incase I do... so yeah, hard work, but so much joy! As the days go on, I feel more and more blessed to be here at this time :) Haha, funny experience(s); people on the street that we contact are always asking my companion and I where we are from. They ask her if she's from USA and they always ask me if I'm from Spain!! Haha, my tan has disguised my American accent... 

Also, Katie finally wrote me. I WEPT. Like seriously, I cried so hard. I have never been so happy. She has decided to go on a mission. I KNEW SHE WOULD. She started her papers. I am so happy for her. Show her love and support her please.

So yesterday was Bastille day! France's Independence Day!! There is an annual fireworks show here in Carcassonne over the castle. We have a great view from our balcony. IT WAS MIND BLOWINGLY GOOD! Seriously though, it made me miss Disney world. We need to go again when I get back, haha. I took pictures. Ill send them... (Baby you're a firework!)

Oh I forgot to say this, but Nicholas accepted the invitation to baptism! Were gonna try to set a date tonight... I'll let you know how it goes.

Cool miracle before I go! So this past week we decided to spend a day in a little town called Montlegun outside of Carcassonne. We went up on the bus which takes about 20 minutes. We ported for about 3 hours, but only probably 4 people answered the door. The members that live their were not home, and all the inactive members that live their either weren't home or they had moved. So we decided to go home and work somewhere else. It was burning hot and we were out of water too. So we went to the bus stop. We were gonna catch the last bus of the day... well, it didn't come on the scheduled time. 5 minutes went by, then 10, then 15... we were freaking out that we would have to walk home, about an hour and a half walk. And it looked like it was gonna rain. We were so upset! All that work for nothing and then we would have to make the walk of shame! Well the bus finally came, 25 minutes late... one good thing. We get to the next bus stop and someone gets on the bus... Ocine. An old potential ami that we taught my first week here, but we weren't able to get a hold of him after that. He lives in the middle of Carcassonne, so he has no need to be in Montlegun! He had been visiting a friend. He got on the bus! He was so happy to see us! We talked and scheduled a RDV for this week. DANG. It wasn't till I got home that I realized; we didn't go to Montlegun to meet anyone or reactivate anyone. In fact, we spent the entire day in Montlegun to see Ocine for 3 minutes and schedule a RDV. 4 hours for 3 minutes. COOL!! The Lord knows.  He puts us on strange paths. We only need to trust him!! I've learned that as I've opened my mouth and talked to EVERYONE this week. He fills my mouth and opens my ears to this language. This work is beautiful. Have a great week. Trust the lord.


Thats all I have time for. Love and miss you!!

 Avec tout mon amour, 

Soeur Beeny