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August 5, 2013 - Our House!! In the Middle Of The Street! Our House!!

I'M STAYING HERE IN CARCASSONNE!!!! Another glorious transfer with the beautiful Soeur Bayles. We are both so excited. Soeur Bayles has never served with anyone for more than one transfer, so I'm her first! We honestly couldn't be more happy. Soeur Fairchild is going home to America, and Soeur  Green has been transferred to Bordeaux... It's sad to say goodbye to them, but we are excited to receive our new soeurs. Soeur Vidal is coming to Carcassonne. She's Mexican, but from Quebec; therefore, she is fluent in French and Spanish and speaks some English. My French is gonna sky  rocket this transfer with her in our apartment! She'll be training a new missionary who will be arriving on Wednesday. YAY!! But it's our house now. We can clean with hard cleaners with out Soeur Fairchild who is allergic to EVERYTHING! We also rearranged all the furniture. IT'S OUR HOUSE NOW! So yay.

This past week was awesome. Last P-Day we went to a super sweet night show in the castle because its the festival of Carcassonne right now. It was just like Medieval Times!! But outside, in French, and in a real medieval castle... SO SWEET!! I'll send pictures.

We went to Castelnaudary for a day and had a killer RDV with the woman that let us into her house a few weeks ago while we were porting (tracting). Her name is Josiane and she is the cutest old French woman in the world. The RDV (appointment) was two hours long!! It was so cute. She's a super devout protestant. She has INCREDIBLE faith in Christ. She finally accepted the Book of Mormon. She says she won't change religions, but she hasn't been taught the plan of salvation yet. We are gonna get her this week when we teach her on Wednesday. Please pray for her!! 

We also met a new ami in Limoux, another little ville outside of Carcassonne. His name is Steve Henderson. He is from London and he is a photographer. It's awesome because we get to teach him in
English. YES! We met him last week and had a GREAT RDV this past week. We met up with him and then walked to the river and sat under a willow tree in the grass for our RDV. It was a very spiritual spot. Steve has had a rough life, but he has so much faith. He's not a Christian, but he is very spiritual and relates everything to energy. Everything he already believes is true, you just have to put our gospel words to his vocabulary. Anyway, he took the Book of Mormon and said OF COURSE he would read it. He is literally a golden ami. We are meeting with him again this week. SO PUMPED!

Chan Tan has been strangely busy this past week... we could only meet with him once. And he tried to drop us!! He is so stressed out about finding an apartment and a job... But the spirit prevailed! Luckily we had a member present in the lesson who is a convert named Serge. Serge diverted him and was able to reconcile him and promise him that continuing to meet with us would bless his life and make him happier. We will continue working with him and progressing towards his baptismal date at the end of the year (hopefully sooner).

One day last week we were having terrible luck while contacting. We had been out in the burning sun ALL DAY! With no success... We were right around the block from our apartment as we were heading home. I was still happy because we had worked hard, but sad because we hadn't found anyone. I prayed in my heart so hard that we would see one more person before we arrived home and that they would be receptive. I visualized someone around the corner... and guess what? There was a man. We stopped to talk to him. His name is Yoland. He is super cool and very eager to learn more about our gospel and how he can become closer to Christ. I am so grateful for that miracle that I saw! The Lord hears our prayers and blesses us for our obedience. THIS GOSPEL IS GOLDEN!! The Lord loves us and wants to bless us. We just have to ask for it first!

So this morning Soeur Bayles and I dropped the soeurs off at the gare (train station) and then went grocery shopping. We were on our way home talking about how AWESOME this transfer is going to be. We feel like we are going to have a baptism. And I told her that we were gonna have three if we continued to be obedient and diligent... so we're walking, and guess who we see? Nicholas!! Our ami from three weeks ago who got really sick and had to go to the hospital!! We hadn't talked to him in FOREVER and thought he could be dead... Well he was sitting on a bench and we ran up and shook his hand and asked how he was doing... and he said he felt great. He wants to start having lessons again starting this week!! So holy moly. The Lord has provided yet another miracle in my little life! We were so excited. I am so excited. Life is glorious.


Yesterday was one of the greatest days of my mission. Seriously incredible. It was a normal Sunday. Relief Society, us teaching primary (which only had two kids in it yesterday, haha, so fun!), and then Sacrament Meeting. There was an American family here on vacation, and they asked us to translate for them... and we did! I translated for the dad and felt so good afterwards. I was able to do it. I have really felt your prayers. My French has continued to improve again. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I needed that extra help. But after church we went with Eveque Martin (bishop) and his family to their house for a party/festivity thing for Soeur Fairchild and Soeur Greens going away. They are incredible. Soeur Martin is from Tahiti, and Bishop is full French. They have 8 kids, the youngest being 9. She reminds me SO much of Aubrey, haha. And the oldest is married with two kids. Half of the kids in the Martin family speak perfect English because they served missions in the US or studied it a lot in school. Anyway, we went to their house in the Northern mountains outside of Carcassonne. Their house is BEAUTIFUL! Two other families from the ward joined. We had the most spectacular Tahitian meal of sausage, lentils, couscous, salad (all fresh veggies from their huge garden), zucchini cake, and ice cream EVER! I thought I was gonna throw up. We went on a lovely walking tour of the little ville with bishop and then stopped by their garden. We went to a little stream and bishop taught us how to skip rocks on the water. It was literally like a fairytale day!! We went back to the house, had a spiritual thought, played some fun games and then headed home. It was amazing. I cant wait to go back up there at the end of this transfer.


Speaking of transfers... isn't it crazy to think that I've already been out on a mission for 2 transfers and almost 3 months? WOW! Time flies when you're serving the Lord. Just know that I love you all so much. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord. I'm a happy person, you know that, but I have never been happier. Please keep praying for me and praying for my amis!! We know we were called by God to stay here in Carcassonne because we have some miracles to perform. We are gonna see some baptisms this month. Just wait and see :)


Je vous aime avec tout mon coeur!!!


Avec tout mon amour,

Soeur Victoria Beeny


49 Rue Marceau Perrutel

11000 Carcassonne



PS I hear you've been slacking on the blog... KEEP IT UP! There are people waiting to hear about my adventures in France!! Haha, love you. 

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