Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 12, 2013 - Don't Forget To Pray

This week really proved to me the power of miracles. First of all, last P-Day while we were in the castle, I got pooped on by a bird. The poop missed my ice cream by like 3 inches. MIRACLE! And also hysterical. Soeur Bayles and I died of laughter. I am a professional at taking apart and putting together IKEA bunk beds. It was impressive. We had the most amazing quiche this week... but the best food I've had in France was this week. I literally teared up it was so good. Buy some really good cracker/biscuits and Brie cheese and raspberry jam... and eat it together. BLEW MY MIND!!

Biggest miracle of the week: Wednesday we made plans to go to a ville called Lezignon and back up plans to go to Quillan... We went to the gare and both trains were two hours late, so we decided to go to this squat nothing town called Bram. When we got there, we saw two people in the first 20 minutes. We thought we may be wasting our time and wanted to leave, but I thought we should stay and try to port. Lots of people were answering the doors, but not many were interested. We came upon a house with a fence covered in shrubbery. There was no sonnerie (doorbell) or a door to knock on, so we started to walk away... I all of a sudden I had the thought that we should yell inside the fence for them. I told Soeur Bayles and we ran back and started yelling "bonjour! bonjour!" a woman came to the door... and we had met her WEEKS ago in Castelnaudary! We had a great conversation with her there, but lost contact with her. And here she was in Bram... WHAT?! She was visiting her mom. The Lord had prepared us that day. Those trains were late for a reason. She let us in and we gave her a lesson and left her with a Livre de Mormon and set up our next RDV for next week when she's home in Castelnaudary. INCREDIBLE!! We also randomly ran into a beautiful sunflower field in Bram and took some gorgeous pictures... The Lord was blessing us all over the place that day. BRAM: LA VILLE DES MIRACLES 2. haha

We had Bleus conference on Friday in Lyon with all of the missionaries from my district in the MTC. It was so incredible!! President gave some great insights. I love Lyon; Soeur Bayles and I were able to go on Thursday night and do some contacting and see lots of missionaries. So fun! I really wanna serve in a big ville because contacting is my jam. I would THRIVE there. My French is improving greatly. Probably because our new missionaries in our apartment are aweome! Soeur Vidal is Mexican but from Quebec. We speak French all the time at home! I am so grateful. Soeur Everett is her new missionary. She's gorgeous! She's a dancer and from LA. She was at BYU for one semester. I love her already. Also, McDonalds is super classy here... its way expensive and only cool people eat and work there, haha. Thought you would like that :)

So our amis are doing great. Nicholas accepted a baptismal date of August 31but has to quit smoking first... pray for him. We had another INCREDIBLE RDV with Steve in Limoux by the river under a tree. He accepted the first lesson so well and read the Book of Mormon some. He constantly talks about how full of love and energy we are. He told us he already knows our message is true because he can see it in our eyes, but he wants to know for himself. He asked us to teach him how to pray. HE'S GOLDEN! We will see him again on Wednesday. We love him and we know he is so prepared. I wish I could tell you more, but I just don't have time. I wanna send my journal home when I fill it up so that you can read every bit.

The other crazy thing to happen this week: Bishop asked us to give talks on the spot yesterday. I STARTED TO CRY! I was so afraid I didn't know what to do. I prayed, and the words of President Roney came to my mind: talk about The Savior. And I did. I basically gave the same talk he gave us at bleus conference about being greater instruments in the hands of the lord by having faith and being prepared. I referenced john 6 and 11. It was a great talk. I was so grateful for prayer and revelation in that moment. This is the true gospel. I am so grateful for the miracles I see here EVERYDAY!

I love you all and miss you so much... keep the faith. Pray for the people of Carcassonne. Do all you can to help spread this good word of God.

Until Monday!!

Avec tout mon amour,

Soeur Victoria Beeny

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