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July 15, 2013 - Cause Baby You're A Firework

Dearest Family!

I love hearing what's going on at home!
Mike Sherbert is going to change that Elders Quorum. That is incredible. I'm so happy for the Sharon Springs ward! Also, sister missionaries. That is going to be a HUGE blessing to the ward. I'm so happy for y'all. Endear them. Make them feel loved. I'm glad you'll be going on splits with them. There is nothing that brings more success than when the members are involved. Seriously. I challenge you to pray earnestly this week and think of a nonmember friend or family you could introduce to the gospel and the missionaries. It will bless their lives. Don't fear. Be brave. Open your mouth and share.

What a stinkin' INCREDIBLE week. Its funny it was so good, because we had 12 tombez-vous(people that don't show up for scheduled lessons)... haha, but it was still sups fun and rewarding! 

Whitewashing has been quite an experience... Its lots of hard work, but it is definitely worth it!! We found our first ami (investigator) and he is progressing well... His name is Nicholas. He is about 35. He has had a few lessons before, but he's serious this time. HOPEFULLY! He has tattoos and facial piercings, haha. But he's quitting smoking and he has a great support system here in our ward, so it's looking up right now! There were 95 people in sacrament meeting!! 30 more than last week. WOW! There were so many visitors. A lot of less actives came too. We are doing our best to endear everyone so that they will feel loved and want to come back. There was a non-member family that came with their friends. They said they loved it and Soeur Bayles and I should begin teaching them this week hopefully. YESS. Seriously, this work is incredible.

I saw my first baptism yesterday too! The other Soeurs in our apartment had their baptism for their investigator Isaac. He's a super cool African dude. It was beautiful. The eveque (bishop) performed the ordinance. I CRIED! haha, I cant even imagine what I'll be like when it's my own baptism. I just knew that Isaac was changing his life yesterday. I was so happy for him and for the other soeurs.

Also, the French is coming along great. My companion and I only speak in French outside the apartment, so I learn tons. My companion thinks I will be training next transfer, so I'm taking on a lot of responsibility just incase I do... so yeah, hard work, but so much joy! As the days go on, I feel more and more blessed to be here at this time :) Haha, funny experience(s); people on the street that we contact are always asking my companion and I where we are from. They ask her if she's from USA and they always ask me if I'm from Spain!! Haha, my tan has disguised my American accent... 

Also, Katie finally wrote me. I WEPT. Like seriously, I cried so hard. I have never been so happy. She has decided to go on a mission. I KNEW SHE WOULD. She started her papers. I am so happy for her. Show her love and support her please.

So yesterday was Bastille day! France's Independence Day!! There is an annual fireworks show here in Carcassonne over the castle. We have a great view from our balcony. IT WAS MIND BLOWINGLY GOOD! Seriously though, it made me miss Disney world. We need to go again when I get back, haha. I took pictures. Ill send them... (Baby you're a firework!)

Oh I forgot to say this, but Nicholas accepted the invitation to baptism! Were gonna try to set a date tonight... I'll let you know how it goes.

Cool miracle before I go! So this past week we decided to spend a day in a little town called Montlegun outside of Carcassonne. We went up on the bus which takes about 20 minutes. We ported for about 3 hours, but only probably 4 people answered the door. The members that live their were not home, and all the inactive members that live their either weren't home or they had moved. So we decided to go home and work somewhere else. It was burning hot and we were out of water too. So we went to the bus stop. We were gonna catch the last bus of the day... well, it didn't come on the scheduled time. 5 minutes went by, then 10, then 15... we were freaking out that we would have to walk home, about an hour and a half walk. And it looked like it was gonna rain. We were so upset! All that work for nothing and then we would have to make the walk of shame! Well the bus finally came, 25 minutes late... one good thing. We get to the next bus stop and someone gets on the bus... Ocine. An old potential ami that we taught my first week here, but we weren't able to get a hold of him after that. He lives in the middle of Carcassonne, so he has no need to be in Montlegun! He had been visiting a friend. He got on the bus! He was so happy to see us! We talked and scheduled a RDV for this week. DANG. It wasn't till I got home that I realized; we didn't go to Montlegun to meet anyone or reactivate anyone. In fact, we spent the entire day in Montlegun to see Ocine for 3 minutes and schedule a RDV. 4 hours for 3 minutes. COOL!! The Lord knows.  He puts us on strange paths. We only need to trust him!! I've learned that as I've opened my mouth and talked to EVERYONE this week. He fills my mouth and opens my ears to this language. This work is beautiful. Have a great week. Trust the lord.


Thats all I have time for. Love and miss you!!

 Avec tout mon amour, 

Soeur Beeny

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