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July 26, 2013 - SORRY - Don't Kill Me!

My First Baguette!

Don't kill me! Haha, 
Sorry I didn't get to email on Monday! It was my p-day, but Soeur Bayles and I went on exchanges to Talence, a little ville outside of Bordeaux, so we didn't have time to email and today was the first opportunity we had time!  I'm just gonna tell you about last week so that Monday I will still have something to say to you :)
The beach looks so fun! I love the pictures. I hope the weather has been better for you. Im glad work has been keeping you busy. I'm the same way, haha. I love your excitement for missionary work!! You're the bomb. I seriously love you. keep it up and don't be afraid to look for people to share the gospel with! 

So our ami Nicholas... has been hospitalized because he's insane. So we dropped him. SAD!
We went to Castlenaudary and had lots of fun. I contacted a German man in a speedo, haha. We also meet lots of hysterical old people here in France.
We only had 8 tombez vous this week.  We're getting better, but we had NO lessons last week, which was a bummer, but we have had more this week.
Last week a member asked me to help her sew a dress for a wedding the next day... well she gave me the materials, instructions in ITALIAN, and a sewing machine that was made before grandma was born and left me to suffer for 8 hours... It turned out ugly and old ladyish, but I did it. The machine was broken for 2 of the hours. It sucked so bad, but it felt so good to serve her.

We have been finding tons of roaches in our apartment. YUCK. But there is literally nothing we can do about it.
We went to Aix for zone conference last week and stayed two nights in Montepellier. SO FUN!! I love France. It was incredible to hear from President again and to learn so much. He gave me my interview over the lunch table because he is the least worried about me than any other new missionaries. WOOH! That was a relief.
We teach primary every week, which is loads of fun. We did exchanges in Talence, a little ville outside of Bordeaux. WOW BORDEAUX IS GORGEOUS! So is Montpellier. I'm out of time because it's limited. I'll send pictures and tell you more on Monday.
Again I'm sorry for the fears!

This is the true gospel! Pray for me. I feel like my French has halted and its worrying me a ton, so keep praying!!! Love you so much.


Soeur Beeny

Door of the Week

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