Tuesday, October 15, 2013


My week was a bit crazy... we didn't have a crazy miracle filled week! In fact we had to drop 3 of our amis... but all is well because we have Jean-Fran├žois!!
Seriously, We found the most prepared French man in all of Carcassonne. We met him last week and he already has a baptismal date of the 20th of October. He quit smoking and drinking two months ago because he knew it wasn't right... he reads the Book of Mormon and he prays everyday and he LOVES our church. We had him read a chapter in the Book of Mormon and he took freaking notes on it. WHAT?! He is so stinkin awesome. He came to church and bore his testimony about how incredible prayer is. He has been looking for an apartment for three months and prayed to find one after our first lesson, and found an apartment this week! Seriously a miracle for him!!
He loves us and is so eager to learn and to be baptized. He has already made lots of friends in the ward and texts us all the time to tell us that we are blessings in his life to bring him this gospel. Soeur Mann and I are just freaking out a little because he is sooo prepared to receive the gospel.
The Lord has blessed us so much! We are so happy and this week we will be playing the finding game. We need new investigators! So pray that we will find those people in Carcassonne who are ready and prepared to receive this message of joy and peace! 

Chan Than is still progressing. He has decided to smoke only 3 cigarettes a day compared to the normal 6. Pray that he will continue strong in his faith and that he will have the will power to quit!! Also that he will find an apartment. 

We also have our other ami Raymonde who is super old... she accepted the baptismal date of the 13th, but we don't think she will be prepared. She came to church, but she has serious learning disabilities. We can tell her what a prophet is twenty times, but she won't remember or understand. it is really hard actually and we don't know what to do. We will be talking to our bishop about it this week... we really didn't do too much else this week, but we have a busy week coming up!! Pray that all of our plans will stay strong and that we will find new amis that are ready and willing to change their lives.

I love you all so much. Thank you for your examples and love. Sorry the email is so short. I told you the good parts... we aren't

avec tout mon amour,
Soeur Beeny
supposed to write negative things home, so just know that you hear everything I can tell you!! haha, if that makes sense. Love you all.

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