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And Thus, The Power Puff Girls Were Born - November 25, 2013

Oh how the Lord knows what He is doing. At the beginning of last week, we had just about nothing planned. Soeur Richardson and I had been working so hard, but we didn't have many RDVs set... We were excited for the opportunity to do lots of finding during the week for new amis. Well during our weekly FHE with our amis on Lundi soir, Soeur Receveur, one of the sisters from the other companionship told us that she would be returning home to America Tuesday night. She was such a great missionary, but she needed to go home to take care of some stuff. We miss her. We got a call from the assistants to the President and they told us that Soeur Pape, Soeur Receveurs Bleu, would come to our companionship and that we would become a trio. She is only on her second transfer, so we are training her still! SO IM A TRAINER NOW! Haha, my dream come true... We suddenly absorbed their companionship and were suddenly very, very busy. The Lord knew what was going to happen. Anyway, our FHE was a HUGE success and we had about 8 amis there. Benedetta even came, which was a fun surprise! Our amis Nabil and Hamid came too. Fun night.

So Mardi we were freaking out only a little bit about the idea that it was our last day together before Soeur Pape joined us. We did some contacting and bus hopping to get some good conversations in. We met up with the other soeurs and taught one of our amis Daniel together. He is a total Elu. He is so prepared and ready to accept this gospel. He is very open and loves the soeurs. He comes to FHE every week too... We hope to set a baptismal date with him some time soon. Pray that he will receive a response to his prayers. We spent the rest of the night with Soeur Receveur. We went with her where she bought 30 euros worth of French chocolate for her family and then found the cutest café in Chambéry and had hot chocolate together. We took her to the gare, put her on the train, and wept as the train left. And thus,  the Power Puff Girls were born! The three of us stood there and looked at one another through tear soaked eyes wondering how in the world we were going to juggle two equipes worth of amis and RDVs... we cried and huddled into a circle on the cold platform and Soeur Richardson prayed like I've never heard her pray before. We needed the Lord and He was there for us. We went home and made chocolate chip pancakes and planned out the rest of the week. It was a fun night after a depressing day. The Lord blessed us with hope. 

We realized that between our 2 equipes we had 23 amis... WHAT?! We decided it was do or die
week. If our amis weren't willing to give us their time and willing to keep commitments, we literally would be wasting time seeing them. We went to the church and found the Italian LdeM that we had given to Benedetta with a note attached thanking us for our kindness, but telling us that she was not interested and didn't want to hear from us again. The first knife in my back... ouch. Prayers followed for comfort. We met with Hamid that day and he told us that we were all really pretty and said creepy stuff and then we made him leave and decided that we needed to drop him. He hasnt bothered us since. We called Nabil because he didn't come to the RDV... and then he texted us back. And I quote "Soeur Beeny, I am sorry I didn't come to the RDV, but I need to tell you that I am falling in love with you. Whenever I am around you, my heart swells with passion. I love you more today than I did yesterday, and I will love you more tomorrow than I did today. I believe my feelings will get in the way of things and I don't think we can go on this way. Tell Soeur Richardson thank you for all that you have done for me. Until the next time. -Nabil"... so we dropped another ami after politely asking him to read the LdeM and waiting until Elders were put back into Chambéry. Crazy day for us. Hard day for us to see our hard work thrown away, but we are showing the Lord our faith.

Jeudi we continued on our rampage. We went and saw the Romanian family. They still proclaimed endless love for Jesus, but they said they did not want to change religions ever, but that we were welcome to come over and talk about Jesus. We invited them to church but told them we could not come to see them anymore if they were not willing to read the LdeM and keep the commitments we gave them... it was sad to drop those three amis, but they have good memories with us and will be more open to missionaries the next time. 

Vendredi I went on an exchange to Grenoble!! It was soooo cold and windy there!! It was crazy. I got to serve with Soeur Swenson, who came into the field with me, so it was fun to catch up with her! We had lots of RDVs set for the day, but ended up having 3 tombezvous... so we didn't get to teach. But we had some cool miracles! We were waiting for one of the RDVs at the church when someone rang the door bell. We went down thinking it was our ami, but it was some random guy. He said he saw some cars and wanted to see if we were having services then. We told him no but invited him in to learn more. We had a quick RDV with him and set up the next RDV. So cool!! If we hadn't been there, he probably wouldn't have met anyone and gone on with his life, but we were there, and now he is an ami. Cool, right? I made lots of phone calls for the soeurs because neither of them like using the phone, haha. I was able to set up lots of RDVs for them. I felt like I left Grenoble better than I found it, and it was a successful exchange. I will actually be going back this next week for another exchange with the other soeurs, so I will be sure to take pictures. 

Samedi we had the craziest ward party EVER! It was called Question pour un Champion! Its a French game show and it was hysterical. One of the counselors wore a blonde wig the whole time. We laughed and cried and had a jolly old time. I am so grateful for them. We were able to go see a less active, Soeur Tabka again. She is the sweetest. When the branch president heard that we were meeting with her, he was sooo impressed. Pray for her that she will continue to let us into her home!! 

Dimanche was great... I am really starting to feel the spirit at church. The first few months church was kind of like a work out for my brain to stay alert and focused for 3 hours, but now I can understand well enough that I don't have to translate in my head anymore, I just understand what they are saying. I am so grateful the Lord has blessed me!! It makes it a lot easier, haha. I gave a talk and cried like the whole time... yikes. The Spirit was so strong. I basically called the branch to repentance and told them to start sharing the gospel with their friends. We brought lots of LdeMs to church and at the end of sacrament there were only 2 left... YAY!! I smacked them with the Spirit stick. They are getting better. We were able to go pass an ami, Christian, and when he they answered the door, it was his girlfriend and their adorable daughter. They are from Congo. They let us in and we shared the restoration with them. Mireillé, his girlfriend, is totally prepared. They are protestant but they dont like how churches have turned into businesses. We had a great lesson, where the spirit was so strong. They eagerly took the LdeM and promised to read and pray. We are so excited to teach them again this week. Pray for them to receive answers to their prayers.

Well, that is our week!! We dropped or were dropped by 8 amis, but we have 5 amis that have baptismal dates between now and December 21st, the highest number in the mission. Pray for us to stay on top of things this week so that no one falls through the cracks. I love you all so much!! Have a blessed week...

Avec tout mon amour,

Soeur Beeny


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