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Nobody Got Time Fo Dat! - November 18, 2013

Week three in Chambéry!! It was kinda a lame week compared to last weeks monster week... but ça va. It was amazing anyway. We have weekly FHE with members and amis at the church every Lundi soir, and it is seriously the highlight of the week. Let me tell you one thing, Frenchies are cheaters when it comes to playing cards. They are really fun to play UNO with though... they may let out a few gros mots though, haha. Makes for a fun evening anyway.

Mardi we had 4 tombez vouss, but we did have one incredible lesson with Josiane, our "dry member". She has been coming to church for about 5 years. She is completely a part of the ward, with a calling and visiting teachers and a visiting teaching partner. She is incredible!! She hasn't let missionaries come over for 6 months because we all just try to baptize her, but she let us over for some reason... we had a great RDV. We did talk about baptism, of course, but we got to know her. She has seen sooo many personal miracles in her life. The only thing holding her back is that her boyfriend William doesn't want to be a part of the church, and she's not willing to marry him because she has been married twice and "doesn't want to do that to herself again" haha. She really likes us though, probably because we are crazy and fun. She invited us over for dinner. #Unheardof. There will be success. We are implementing plans. Pray for us to know how we can help her progress towards baptism. 

Mercredi we went to Swiss again!! Good news I heard this day: Soeur Barbara Fairchild is engaged... the sister I lived with in Carcassonne first transfer, haha... with all the crazy, funny, not realistic stories... yeah she's engaged. SO HAPPY FOR HER!! But zone conference was great. Its always a joy to see President. We had interviews too, and he gave some great enlightened insight. We feel so prepared to teach our amis now. We are done with amis who dont progress!! We have a month until Christmas, and we have some baptisms to prepare for Jesus... so we aren't gonna waste our time. We ended up dropping Ricky James and Amaury this week because they aren't progressing and they just want to hang out. Yucky. NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT! We got more chocolate in Swiss though... its a sin. A delicious, chocolatey sin that we just cant resist. 

Jeudi was a great, busy day. We were able to go see an inactive who hasn't seen missionaries in MONTHS! What is it with us and getting into homes that missionaries are banned from? The Lord has been working some mighty miracles for us lately. Small, but mighty. So Soeur Tabka is an older woman. She loves the gospel, but is soo busy. She just doesn't have time because she is caring for her handicapped father and autistic son and working two jobs to pay for everything. She just needs love and service. Pray that we will find ways to serve her and bring the spirit into her life. We also saw a great member, Soeur Gonon. She met her husband when she was 16 and then waited for him while he served his mission in NYC. She showed us some adorable letters and stuff he sent her while he was gone... and I about died. French Members are adorable in that sense. There aren't a lot of choices for marriage, so you cling to the one you find, no matter how long it takes. We taught Mory a couple of times this week... we are worried he isn't understanding a lot. We worry that he is only meeting with us to get out of the cold because he is homeless... but he is so funny!! He is really getting to know us, and he jokes that either he has to marry one of us, or we have to find him a wife. Funny African man. He is making progress in his testimony of the savior. We hope that he will be ready for baptism the first weekend of December. PRAY FOR HIM!! We also went to see the Romanian family again. They are soo funny. They just love Jesus, that's all I can really say about that. The mom hasn't been reading the LdeM because she left her glasses in Romania last vacation and she is waiting to get them back, but she says she will read. We brought up baptism because we are weeding out who is going to progress and who just likes our presence. They were a little jostled, but they invited us back to tell them more about baptism. Pray that they will come to church. I feel like that will help them a lot. 

Vendredi was INCREDIBLE! We went on a hike with Frere Munn, our sweet Scottish DMP. He drove us up into the alps and we had a great time. We walked around an entire mini mountain so that we could have a 360 view. We felt like Lizzy in Pride and Prejudious. SO GORGEOUS! We saw
some cool French cows and took pictures. We picked apples off of trees, corn off of stalks, and picked up lots of chestnuts so we could roast them at home. It was a dream of an experience, that's
all I can say. Soeur Richardson also got shcoked lectric fence around a cow pasture, haha. That was a pretty memorable experience for sure. It was also my 6 months, so we celebrated with crepes!! And we went to a sweet fromagerie and bought the tomme d'os, or the chambéry bear cheese. AMAZING!

Samedi soir we visited a member in the hospital and I have never been filled with so much love for a person in my life. Soeur Charrut is trying to learn how to walk again. Pray for her. She is so strong spiritually, but her frail body cant hold her up any more. 

Dimanche was a sweet Stake Conference in Geneve. Elder Patrick Kearon of the 70 was there. We went up and thanked him for his incredible, inspiring words! He said exactly what we need for our little branch here... he took a picture of us and sent it home. I love General Authorities. We also got a new ami last night, her name is Benedetta. She is 21 and from Italy. No one we are teaching is actually French! Haha, pray for her to continue to progress and to read the LdeM.


Love you all! Have a great week :)


Avec tout mon amour,

Soeur Beeny


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