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Happy Birthday - January 13, 2014

I accidentally added all the pictures up top - there is a pretty cool blog down below the pictures telling about her snow shoeing and birthday experiences -- sorry -- Victoria's Mom...

This week was another thriller. Our English Fast continues and our French is at a whole new level! My comprehension has increased remarkably, and we are starting to strengthen our vocabulary and the speed at which we speak. It has been so cool to see the Gift of Tongues manifest itself within the last two weeks... why didn't I do this before? I am trying to figure out if I will ever speak English willingly as a missionary again!! 

FHE every Monday night has been dwindling... a lot of our amis aren't available anymore. We are thinking about inviting all of the single adults every week and making it a good way to integrate the few amis that have been involved recently. We still have a great time playing UNO though... Hahahaa, French people are huge cheaters! But it is so funny. they're quality people for sure.

Tuesday we had nothing planned during the day, so we went to find the lost sheep in the branch. We walked a lot and took many buses to find these "so called members" that we had never met before. It was fun to contact along the way and meet some nice people. Its funny how the Lord will send you on a wild goose chase to find someone you have never met before, and when you arrive you find out they don't even live their anymore, but you have met so many nice people along the way. I hope that those simple contacts, even if they didn't give us their number or beg to be baptized, felt the Love of the Lord and the sincerity of our invitation to come unto Christ. That is one of my favorite parts of being a missionary; the opportunity to meet a variety of people in the world. So we found 6 sheeps homes... but 3 of them had moved and the other 3 didn't answer the door :( bummer. The last home we went to, we called the sister to find out if her number still worked... well it rang, and her husband answered. This woman stopped coming to church because her husband is not supportive and against any forms of religion. So he answered and when I asked to speak with his life he went off on me!! He said that she had left him just a few weeks ago, and that it was all the churches fault... he screamed, and yelled, and quite honestly he was in such hysterics that I didn't understand 72% of what he said. What I did understand was that he kept saying he was going to take his own life that very night because he was so upset. I was wide eyed and shocked, and I had no idea what to say!! I tried my best to calm him down. All I could really do was testify of the love of God and of the miracle it was that I called him in that moment. I testified my guts out and I told him that I was a sign from God of His divine love for him.... The call lasted about 13 minutes, and by the end he had stopped crying. He suddenly spit out the phone number of his wife and told me he had to go and hung up. We tried to call him back, but he didn't answer. I had a strong feeling that everything was okay, and that he was probably just going a little crazy, or maybe even a little drunk. I guess I qualify for the Suicide Hotline now... Fill out the application for me mom. Write down I can also work my magic in French. So that was the weirdest phone call of my life...

We were able to meet with a few less actives this week, including Soeur Tabka. She is always a little happier when we see her. She still isn't open to coming back to church, but we invited her to do service with us and to visit the sick members who are in the hospital. She is open to it and we are excited to get her back integrated with the members! We saw Daniel a few times during the week, which was awesome! He even came to church. He has such a strong spiritual base. We are so excited that he has started reading the LdeM every day. Its the small things that will bring great things! 

We went snow shoeing this week with our DMB!! We did our weekly meeting with him during it, haha. It was so beautiful! It was the perfect weather too... We took off our coats. We had a snow ball fight, in the French Alps. We made a snow man, in the French Alps. And we even made a snow angel, in the FREAKING FRENCH ALPS! So much fun!! haha, I love the sisters here... It makes me sad that the transfer is almost over, because they are so fun and I dont like leaving people.

We had a great exchange with the Sister Training Leaders in Annemasse. We taught so many lessons and saw so many miracles! The second we arrived their, a potential ami walked up to us and asked to set a RDV! Five minutes later we ran into an ami and she invited us over that night! We visited a member who is literally 95 years old, and the cutest thing I've ever seen. We got to teach a lecon zero to a man named Cedric, and he accepted the LdeM as the word of God before even reading it... He said he would still read though. We set huge goals for the next day to contact 150, get 5 phone numbers, and set 3 RDVs... I thought Soeur Hills was crazy, but its incredible to see what the Lord can do when you're diligent. We didn't
have plans other than to look for less actives and old amis... in one building where an old ami lived, we met a man with his son. We talked to him and he was so excited to see us! He had gone to church 15 years ago and wanted to go again. After setting a RDV with him, I told him I lived in Chambery, and he said his sister lives there! So he gave me her number and even told me how to talk to her and how to invited her to English class... She has a family. We got a coordonnee!! It was good news for both equipes. We contacted a couple as well, and they were shocked to see us. They studied with missionaries in the past and were overjoyed at the idea of meeting with us again. We set more RDVs and got more phone numbers. It was such an incredible day. Soeur Hills is an animal. I am so grateful for the STLs. I learn so much from them. We ended the day with a delicious patisserie :) 

We were able to use our street board finally and a crazy African man yelled at us for like 9 minutes straight. He said "You killed the Indians and then you enslaved my people! BLAH BLAH BLAH LIES LIES LIES". People started looking at us strangely, and we were packing up to leave, when our recent convert Arsene (who is African) walked up. I swear I have never been happier to see him in my life. GOD SENT US ARSENE! The crazy man literally jumped back in shock and demanded "Why are you with them? They killed our brothers!" Arsene looked at him and said "Yeah I'm with them. you're crazy! They didn't kill anyone! they're doing good in the world!" haha. GOOD TIMES.

Well my birthday was pretty great. We had a beautiful branch conference. Inspired talks and an incredible spirit. We went over to Edouardos house during the afternoon and ate 2 cakes.... then we went to the church and met up with Daniel and ate another cake :) Then we ate Kraft Mac and Cheese, Spongebob shaped, that the Zone Leaders bought for me at the American store. All in all, quality day. We ended with some classic porte à porte.

The Lord is there! TRUST IN HIM! I love you all :)

Avec tout mon amour,

Soeur Beeny

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