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Same Old Song And Dance - April 14, 2014

Drum roll please....... Soeur Paulo and I are staying in Angouleme for another 6 weeks of joy!! YAY!! We are so excited! We were expecting to stay, so not much of a surprise, but a definite answer to our pleading hearts. I love her so much, and we are seeing miracles out the wazoo here!! The Lord is so merciful to us. We are hoping to see a few baptisms this transfer... Pray for our amis and for the people of Angouleme France!! 

We had another fantastic week... teaching more lessons than our first two weeks put together. The members are being so helpful. We are so lucky to be here. Small branches struggle, because of the size, but flourish, because of the spiritual stamina. We had an FHE at the Temahukis with 11 people there!! It was so fun, haha. Frere Temahuki was making this cabbage pork meal, and Soeur Paulo and I were in the kitchen cutting bread, and all of a sudden the huge pot fell off of the stove... the food went EVERYWHERE ON FLOOR! It was a terrible moment where I had to bite the inside of my cheek not to laugh at the penetrating bad luck of the situation. Frere Temahuki stood over the food with wide eyes and open mouth... It was like in a film, haha. We got it all cleaned up... and ate it anyway :) We also had a great FHE with the Mazelyrat family, the only family with kids. We had pizza and played some hysterical games. They have a gate to their little street, and when they took us home they asked Soeur Paulo to go run and unlock the gate for them... Well she got the key stuck in the gate. Not just stuck, but JAMMED in the gate, haha. They texted us in the middle of the night to tell us they had finally gotten it out. I was laughing so hard. They are the sweetest family to put up with us!! 

 We found 3 fantastic new amis this week: 1) Valentin, the 18 year old that contacted US speaking

English and we taught him the Law of Chastity on the sidewalk. We taught him a great lesson on a
bench. He kept telling us that he would have never imagined us to be so open and realistic. He told his friends about us and they were shocked by the stereotypes we broke! He feels like our message is very different than other Christian churches.. and that our message makes sense, and is a message of happiness. GOT HIM :) 2) Alexandre is also a 19 year old we contacted with the questionnaire. He is in the military. We taught him on a bench as well, cause the weather has been splendid! He loves his country and is actually from Normandie... they are a very proud region of France, haha. His eyes are literally Highlighter Blue... He is really open to our message and wants to find the truth for himself. He is a nonpracticing Catholic. TYPICAL! We are going to see him tomorrow. 3) Marie-Benoit is from Benin Africa! We taught him on a bench... see a pattern forming? But we also taught him at the church later in the week. He is here on a vacation of sort. He has studied the bible before, but reads as if it is any other book. We were able to have a fantastic lesson about the Savior. We will see all of these cool new amis and teach them more of our wonderful message in the coming week!! Pray for us to continue finding new amis :) 

We taught the normals this week: Audrey, Steve, and Jonhse. We set a baptismal date with Jonhse!! Save the Date: May 10th ya'll. He is so cool, and very accepting. Pray for him to read and understand the Book of Mormon. Steve is continuing to progress and told us that if he were to join any church, the obvious choice would be The Church of Jesus Christ. He found out that one of his good friends from high school, who lives in Fort Lauderdale, is a member! So he has gotten into contact with her... how great :) he has worldwide support now! He doesn't feel ready to be baptized this weekend, because he realizes how serious of a commitment it is, so we will have to push back the date, but he is still seeing the change in his life! Pray for him to overcome his doubts. Audrey needs the same... Her and Joe should be getting married in a couple of weeks, so we hope so see her get in the font as well. She will be such a great member! 

We had a fun district meeting a few weeks ago, and there was a cool experience afterwards that blew me away. As our group of 10 missionaries got onto the bus to go to the gare, we immediately dispersed through out the transport and pulled out our questionnaires. In the past as a missionary, I have seen a pattern where we all stay together and chat to enjoy our time together, but there was a different reaction this time: we put into practice what we had just learned in our meeting. We SPARKED the bus and used the inspired questionnaire. The Spirit was emanate in the bus for 20 minutes. We got several numbers for the missionaries there, and left the secteur better than we found it... The Spirit accompanies the questionnaire. We have a beautiful mission filled with dedicated missionaries of the Lord. 

We were able to teach Jean and Ginette yesterday about the Savior and His role... Then we worked with them in the garden! We saw a pattern of teaching about the Savior this week; what perfect timing, as we are coming up on Easter. I am so grateful to wear Christ's name on my heart everyday. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. He loves us and suffered for us. He gave us His all. He payed the price that was too expensive for us to pay ourselves. He payed for our piano lessons, and now we must practice to show Him our love and gratitude. Show the Lord your love this week... Share with a friend. 

I love you all, and I hope you have a fantastic week!!

Avec tout mon amour,
Soeur Beeny

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