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On The Road Again - April 28, 2014

We had a beautiful week! Our district leader asked us if we ever get tired of having super successful weeks, haha... We said of course not!! We were able to go to Zone Training this week and be filled with the spirit by learning how to set goals! I was soooo excited, because it is something that I struggle with. After applying what we learned, I truly have developed a testimony that by setting goals, we can fulfill our wildest dreams!

We had some pretty miraculous days! One day this week, everything fell through... Bummer, but we didnt what was necessary and passed inactives and old amis! And we found some of the coolest people ever! Things fall through for a reason... The Lord has His hands in all things. We had things fall through yesterday as well, so we were On the Road Again, and went to visit to less active brothers in the rain. We had to stand out front their homes because we couldnt go in alone, but they were in desperate need of spiritual strength. We were able to testify to them and pray with furvant care. It was touching to see how much the Lord loves His children.
This week I was able to look at the world differently. I am a pretty stubborn person... I like things to
be perfect, and I like them to be perfect IMMEDIATELY! That has made me a slightly impatient person: with others, and with myself occasionaly. But I have learned that things are always in the Lord's timing. I have especially seen this with my amis throughout my mission... Some amis advance very quickly: Jean-Francois was baptized after 4 weeks of working with him, and others take their sweet time, measuring out a mountain of faith with a teaspoon. Gratefully, the Lord does not ask us to arrive at the finish line in a set amount of time; He simpy asks us to make progress each day, so that one day, we can meet Him at the finish line and he can reward us with a crown of righteousness. Our stable amis in Angouleme are very similar.

Audrey, who is engaged to a righteous return missionary, has been taught by missionaries for a year and a half. The first day I met her, I was astonished that she wasnt a return missioanry herself. Her knowledge of the gospel and Christlike demeanor is surprising for someone so young in the faith. She is an outstanding example. I have learned patience from her. But, I have seen change. She has changed drasticly since the beginning. And even now I see her mold more to the will of the Lord each day that I see her. I am so grateful for her slow, but every steady pace towards the waters of baptism and the alter of marriage.

Remember Stéphane, our baptism from February? He is doing so wonderfully! I love him so much... We are able to see him. I can tell that he is continuing to progress little by little in his testimony, exactly the way the Lord intends us to.

Our new Chinese ami Margaret has blown me away within the past two weeks! She came to church
yesterday, and absorbed every second as if she had been thirsting for the truth her entire life. She is so warm and welcoming to us in her home, feeding us every moment she gets. We worked in her garden, and planted a baby tree! I will love watching that tree grow, just as we watch Margarets faith grow each time we visit her. She is well on her way. Jonhse, our African ami has progressed little by little. He offers beautiful Portuguese prayers that bring tears to Soeur Paulos eyes. He is progressing steadily towards his baptismal date the 10th of Mai.

Steve is another impecable example of change. When we met Steve, he agreed to meet with us out of
sure curiosity!! he wanted to see what Mormons were like and compare us to what he has seen on TV.  The first time we met with Steve was in a café. He used profanity and made no promises in reading the Book of Mormon. Our third RDV he had read a little, and allowed us to pray with him... by the fifth RDV he was saying amen at the end of the prayers, and by the seventh RDV he said the closing prayer. Today, he prays with vigor, attends church weekly, comes to our FHEs and sees us as often as possible. He researches for talks and reads the scriptures with delicacy so that he ensures comprehension. I know that he will be baptized one day, even if its not this weekend. We had a specifically touching RDV this week. We were discussing baptism and confirmation and the blessings that follow. He understood, as always. He explained to us his doubts, that he had intended at the beginning to join our church. I suddenly opened my mouth and said "You met with us out of curiousity. Your curiosity has been fed. Do you believe that the things we have shared with you are true?"... He took a long moment examining the book he was holding in his hands. He looked up with tears streaming down his face and said "I am starting to believe."

Our amis are incredible. We are blessed missionaries. I know that the Lord is leading them along the path, little by little, patiently awaiting the day they will leave the darkness and leap into the light of the gospel. I know that this is the church of Jesus Christ. I am beyond blessed to be sharing this truth with the people of Angouleme France.

I love you all :)
Have a fantastic week.

Avec tout mon amour,
Soeur Beeny

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