Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Beautiful - June 8, 2014

Beautiful, quick little week. The greatest thing I learned this week: I love Soeur Grunke so much. 

Honestly, I am so grateful to be with her. She is such a light for me. We get along so well, and we have laughing fits. I've made a friend forever. We had a great time with our fantastic JAs (young adults) this week, participating in their fun FHE and then having them teach with us almost everyday! We had a few tombez-vous this week, but its not grave (serious). We also saw lots of miracles! We set a baptismal date with Armand for the 5th of July. We have an ami named Antonio (from Portugal... I LOVE PORTUGUESE! Thank you for instilling this love Soeur Paulo) who accepted to be baptized the 5th of July as well! We hope to see 4 or 5 baptisms that day! Wouldn't that be such a miracle? We had a RDV with an incredible woman named Rokia this week that I was lucky enough to be prompted to contact. We taught her on a bench and learned that she has recently converted to Christianity from Islam... What a strong woman. She is very excited to read the LdeM. She is prepared. We taught another lesson to a less active woman on a bench... IN THE RAIN! We were holding our umbrellas the entire hour, ha ha. DEDICATION. We had a very, very busy week. We met some great members and helped them fix plans to share this beautiful thing we call the gospel. There is nothing more inspiring to me than seeing a faithful member take the steps and show their faith by inviting a friend or family member to learn more about what makes us so gosh darn happy! We had a lovely Zone Training this week in Lyon about preparing for our incredible experience coming up with Elder Anderson of the 12. We are treating this as if it is a temple dedication... We have been promised by President Roney that if we are prepared spiritually and temporally, that this experience will be like the experience the Nephites had in 3 Nephi 11 to 27... I wouldn't pass this opportunity up. They invited me to sing in the choir for Elder Anderson, and somehow the Lord heightened my capacities and I am singing high Gs in this musical piece. OUCH! Pray for my vocal chords! We had a fun exchange with the STLs in Lyon. It was so nice to be with Soeur Richardson again :) I love being reunited with my old companions. They have all touched my heart in a very personal, and tender way. Angelique was able to see us this week! It didn't goes as well as we planned, but there is more to come this week...
Today at church we had a European wide stake conference broadcast from Bern Switzerland. Elder
Uchtdorf, Anderson, and Tchera addressed us. It was such a lovely presentation. It was like our own little general conference. Elder Anderson had some special insight for us... He said "The increase God gives us cannot always be witnessed through the number of members sitting in sacrament meeting. God will give the increase. Believe in Him, follow Him, and be loyal to Him." I know that the Lord is giving us increase, even if that doesn't mean we see as many baptisms as Brazil, or even our neighbor mission of Paris. I know that the Lord is blessing us. He is blessing me. I love Him and I am so grateful to be His missionary. Keep us in your prayers this week as we will be heading to Nice for the experience of a life time with an apostle of the Lord. 

Je vous aime.

Avec tout mon amour,

Soeur Beeny

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