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Let's Get Down To Business - July 29, 2014

Holy Wow. This week was PURE MAGIC. To be quite honest, Lundi, Mardi, and Mercredi were basic days filled with some lessons here and there with amis and less actives and recent converts and contacting... It was just normal really. Thursday morning we went to the Burton's home to help them pack up the rest of their apartment. It was sad really, and we were all crying as we played the greatest game of Tetris in this mortal life and jammed all of their belongings into their tiny mission car. We cried and hugged and took pictures and then they left... As we walked home with the 3 bags of food they gave us (first miracle) we wiped away our tears and I told Soeur Grunke "Lets Get Down to Business", I told her that the Lord was taking the Burton's for a reason, but that He would send us miracles to make up for the lack. And that He did Brothers and Sisters. The Lord multiplied our bread and fishes this week. He sent us miracles from every direction and in every way.

During the beginning of the week, we called lots of potentials that we had never even met; they were
names and numbers found by the sisters before us. We called loads of people and a couple hand full of messages... Thursday morning we got a call from a woman we had called and we set a RDV with her. That Friday morning we met her. Annick lives in the apartments right across from the chapel. SCORE. We were worried that she would be some crazy person because she called us and was so open to receive us. The lesson was 2 hours of her sharing her story about her love for God and her view of life. She is a member without being a member. As we shared the first vision with her, I have never felt the spirit so prominently. She left for vacation for a week and a half, but she tried to pay us for the Book of Mormon and said she was ravished to be able to read it. She is excited to come to church and to continue learning more about the restored gospel... oh, and she had an 8 year old son and a husband :) That never happens.

Wednesday night we decided to plan a miracle so that we could finally find a new ami... We decided to go to the park in centre. We prayed before hand that we would be able to teach a lesson. We entered the park and began contacting everyone with a face. Soeur Grunke turned to me and pointed to a girl sitting under a bridge. "Lets go talk to her." We made our way over to meet Cicilia. She is 20 and from Romania. She was happy to do our questionnaire, which turned into a lesson. We taught her about prayer and the Book of Mormon and shared with her the story of Joseph Smith... She herself is searching for a church to attend. She has been visiting all of the churches so she can find which one is the true church of God. She even prayed to God for help a few days earlier... I was freaking out. We were able to testify our little hearts out. She lives in Dijon, so we were able to pass her to the Soeurs there so she can continue her search for the truth. It was so cool to teach a lesson after we had planned, expected, and prayed for the opportunity to give a lesson. That never happens. 

We tried the same thing the next day. We planned to teach a lesson Friday night. Another potential we had called during the week called us back and set up a RDV. His name is Bassi. He is from Congo. We were able to meet him that very night, teach him the restoration, and leave him with a book of Mormon. He was ecstatic to set another RDV and to come to church. That never happens.

Saturday we were able to teach an FHE with the less active parents and nonmember son of a recently reactivated sister Bérangère. It went beautifully and full of the Spirit. They fell in love with us and when we had to go, her teenage son blocked the doorway so we couldn't get out. That never happens. 
Sunday at church, Soeur Queyrut finally joined us and the ward for the sabbath. That never happens... at least it hasnt in 14 years. I was overjoyed. 

Another potential called us back and set up a RDV for that day... He ended up calling us 30 minutes before and proposing to us, so we didn't go to the RDV, but still a cool miracle that 3 potentials called us back interested. haha, that never happens.

All of the members went to the Bern Switzerland temple together this past week... They came back, and even though they looked dog tired, they were literally GLOWING with the light of Christ. Sunday was special because they cancelled all of the talks that were supposed to be given, and they invited the recent converts to come forth and bare testimony of their temple experiences. As the members stood up one by one, they shared stories of the visions they received while in the temple. They literally saw the people that they baptized. They felt the emotions that their ancestors experienced as they accomplished their baptisms and were allowed to enter into Spirit Paradise. Tears were streaming nonstop during the meeting. I am willing to say that it was the most Spiritual sacrament that I have attended in my entire life. These members that have been themselves baptized for only a few months saw angels in the house of the Lord. That never happens.

We were able to visit Camille this week and understand even more her testimony of the Savior. She isn't baptized, but she received her personal progress medallion Sunday in Sacrament. She is the most incredible member nonmember I have ever met. She was so excited that she invited 5 friends to church. That never happens.

Yesterday we have an unbelievable Zone Conference here in Clermont-Ferrand. The Roney's came
here for a change. That never happens. It was downpour! The missionaries from Lyon came into the chapel dripping from head to toe. Soeur Richardson looked like she had just stepped out of the shower. It showed the great spirit and willingness and diligence of the France Lyon Mission. We were spiritually edified. We learned how to be better missionaries. We also were interviewed by our president. I was so grateful for the little bit of time that I had with President Roney. He touched my heart and he answered my questions before I even asked them. That never happens.

But wait, the miracles continue! I contacted a super cool guy during the week named Arymand, and this morning he called us and told us sorry that it took him so long to contact us... He had lost the card and searched all week, but finally found it this morning thanks to the grace of God. We were able to set a RDV with him for this week. This never happens.

Just now as I logged onto my email, I saw an email from someone I didn't know... He is an Elder serving in Houston Texas. He is French. His name is Elder Neville. He had found my email through friends... There is a French guy who stayed with a member family in Texas and started taking the lessons with these elders. He accepted a baptismal invitation. He is planning on returning home this weekend... The elders informed me by email so that I would be able to welcome him home to Clermont-Ferrand and continue his progress in the gospel. God is so great. He is sending us miracles through the hard work of missionaries who live half way across the world. This never happens.

 This morning we were able to attend the funeral of a sister in our ward that was 93 years old, and has been suffering in a retirement home for some years. Her passing was beautiful, as she had been awaiting her pass to the other side where she could be with loved ones. Her family was very sad, and they seemed hopeless as they cried near her casket. The only gleam of hope was shared as one of her daughters shared a talk about the Plan of Salvation. She was reassured of the hope of the next life thanks to our Savior and Redeemer. Her family members were able to feel hope probably for the first time in years. They were blessed by the passing of their grandmother. That never happens.

These things normally never happen, unless through the gospel... But, Elder Anderson taught us that Faith is believing in the unseen, believing in the things that no one else believes, believing in the things that never happen. This week, as we prayed mightily and placed our trust in the Lord, and expected these miracles to come, we were blessed and these miracles came to pass in the magical land of Clermont-Ferrand. I have never seen so many miracles in my short mission life, but I do expect that more will come. I love the Lord. I love serving Him. I cannot imagine my life any other way. I have never been so happy and so peaceful and so joyful in my life. I have become a joy addict. The more that I realize how obedience and diligence makes me happy, the more I become obedient and diligent so that I can taste just a little bit more joy. Its so wonderful, isnt it? The joy of the gospel. I challenge all of you to search more joy through the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the only true way to peace in this life and eternal joy and celestial life in the world to come. I know that He lives. I know that He is our Savior. I know that it is because of Him that we can progress and change in this life. I will be ever grateful for His personal sacrafice for me... Turn to Him in every thought, and He will be by your side every step of the way, accomplishing miracles in your path. I love Him. I love you. 

Have a great week.

Avec tout mon amour,

Soeur Beeny

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