Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Thriller - August 25, 2014

Look at the time... I have none. What a shame... I had such a life changing week!

I was able to go to Lyon and pick up my Bleu. I was able to spend an entire day contacting with two other trainers that were stuck there with nothing else to do either! We made some super crazy goals, and with our spiritual excitement, we went out in the streets of Lyon and had 29 conversations, taught 3 lessons, gave away 2 Book of Mormons, and found 5 potentials for the sisters in Lyon... All in 4 hours. It was a heck of a day. When we put our best foot forward and show our faith in the Lord by working, He will be at our sides. That is for sure.

After a pretty epic unveiling of the Bleus, we received our babies!! I was more than shocked when
the only European sister, a French sister named Soeur Verrieras called out my name and ville. I seriously FREAKED out, haha. Just because I didnt see it coming at all... It was a Thriller y'all. I ran up to hug her and she protected herself and yelled "DOUCEMENT" meaning "SOFTLY", hah. She doesnt speak any English... yikes for me. She is 24 and was baptized in November 2012. Thats when I received my mission call. She is a remarkable person... She has witnessed some pretty terrible things in her life, but the Lord has always lead her. She is an inspiration for me. I love her, and she loves me. Itll be hard, cause Ill be humbled seeing as I will be learning the language, haha, but I am grateful for this opportunity.

We had great lessons with Marie-Pierre, Amandine, Annick, and Camille this week... Our amis are continuing to progress. Soeur Verrieras is a FANTASTIC teacher. I am so impressed with her abilities. Our work will not slow down the least bit :)

I had a really cool experience this week, because my recent convert, Stephen Bottiau, from Angouleme came to visit a friend in our ward, Bérangère! THUS I GOT TO SEE HIM!!! It was so much fun... I'll attach some pictures. 

We also met some SUPER cool potentials this week, and we also had some rough spots. An amis showed up high to our RDV... And then one afternoon the tram randomly stopped and the tram driver came to find us and yelled at us and kicked us off the tram. Not very nice of him... But, c'est la vie. We kept pushing forward through the opposition. I know that opposition means something good is going to happen. I love being a missionary.

Have a wonderful week, and know that we are never alone. Because of our Savior Jesus Christ, we will overcome death. We will live again. Our lives have a purpose. We can find peace and joy and comfort, even in the darkest of moments. Turn to Him. I love Him. I love you. Have a great week.

Avec tout mon amour,

Soeur Beeny

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