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August 26, 2013 - Stiff Upper Lip, Stout fella, when you're in a ruuuuuttt!

So like I said... kind of a rough week, but it could've been worse I guess! haha, funny story; we went to Limoux one day and on the train there was a large band. They played music on the train and were having a jolly old time. They were pretty good and quite drunk. When we got off the train they started talking to us. Their "leader" scoffed at us for being missionaries and that we "consecrate" ourselves to the Lord... well, he told us we were wasting our time, and when he saw the insulted look on my face he immediately laughed, apologized and came over to me... and he kissed me. I tried to resist and pushed him away... it was just really quick and harmless. French people don't think it's a big deal to kiss. They all kiss each other here. I was in shock and he and his whole group just laughed. YIKES. It was actually really funny. We played it cool and they went on their way to the music festival... so yeah, that's that.

You already know that Steve, our golden ami dropped us last week... well we got dropped by another ami too. Her name is Monique. She's the one that I had a lesson with on the train on the way back from Limoux. It was a total miracle lesson and she seemed really open to learning! She even has a Livre de Mormon... well we had a RDV scheduled for yesterday. She called us Saturday to confirm, but she called to tell us that she can't meet with us... ever. She talked to her pastor about us and he forbade her to see us... so that's that. It was a bummer. We were on the phone and all i could tell her was that our message is true, it will bless her life, and that we are always here if she needs us. She'll read and know... hopefully. We had a RDV with another one fo our amis Josiane this week in Castelnaudary. She is the cutest old French woman EVER! She gave us back the Livre de Mormon. She said she read a little of it and that it's not true. We were a little shocked, but played it cool. We taught her a lesson straight from the bible and she was warm and kind. She has so much faith in Christ that she doesn't know what to do with it. We had Zone Conference and interviews with President this past week. It was awesome first of all, but he asked if I had any questions; so I asked how we were supposed to teach someone that doesn't want to learn from the Book of Mormon. President Roney is SO INSPIRED! Seriously, he told me exactly what to do with Josiane. We are going to teach her the restoration through the bible, and then she won't be able to say no. It's just so cool. We are so excited to see her this week.

Soeur Vidal and I were talking on the way back from Zone Conference on the train. She is super awesome and was in her last ville for four transfers. She really brought the ward together and brought back a lot of inactives. President told her that she was put in Carcassonne for just that reason; to strengthen the ward and bring back inactives. She says that's why I'm here too, because I'm really good at bringing people together. The ward loves me and I need to use that to my advantage. It clicked for me; why haven't we had a baptism yet? Why are we dropping and being dropped by amis left and right? Because we aren't necessarily here in Carcassonne at this time to baptise someone, we're here to strengthen the ward so that when we do have a baptism, they will be welcomed. WOW! We ares till working hard with our investigators to be baptized, and we look for new amis everyday, but we focus a lot on the members and the less actives. We have seen a lot of success. We had 2 dinner appointments last week and we have 3 set up for this week. We are also going to lots of the inactives. Its so awesome! I love my mission. Ya know what else I love? Letters in the mail from awesome friends in America who haven't forgotten me; shout out to Bethsy Coronado and Tara Keil for being super, ridiculously FORMIDABLE! Merci pour vos lettres.

Anywho... we have a new ami, and her name is Regine. She is African and has a cute little house. She teaches French to foreigners, so she is super awesome and understanding about my French (even though it improved SO MUCH this week. We speak only French outside the apartment and we only speak in French on Sundays. I seriously feel like I improved a lot. And when I met with President during interviews, he told me I was very far ahead the other missionaries my age and even older than me... so YAY!) But Regine was a referral from missionaries in Toulouse. She is super open and had already visited She asked for Livre de Mormon the second we walked in and asked us to pray with her. She is a Christian and very believing.... haha, she does cool meditation stuff and she wanted to show us! So we meditated for about 40 minutes of our RDV. Quietest RDV of my life. She invited us back over for dinner next week and she wants to learn more about our message. She seems pretty golden. She also has a car and told us she would drive us everywhere, haha. Very convenient!

One of the funnest things we did this week was with a family in the ward. We went to the Mulandas home and made cookies with them! French cookies are really gross for some reason, so our ward is OBSESSED with American cookies; they always ask us to make them for stuff, so we decided to just make them with a family. Very cool. They have 7 adorable children. We also taught primary this week like we always do. SO FUN! We had them draw pictures of how they know Jesus loves them... and they drew dinosaurs, hahaha. Too funny.

We went street boarding the other day in the rain on the bridge overlooking the castel. It was quite magical... it was my first time street boarding too! Very fun event. We contacted literally hundereds of people. I'll send pictures :)

Well that's all. We are working very hard here! I love you all very much and I hope you are as well! Passez une bonne semaine!

Avec tout mon amour,
Soeur Beeny

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