Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 9, 2013 Let's Get Down To Business

What a beautiful week in Southern France! Seriously, the weather has been PERFECT! It truly reminds me of autumn in the South. The trees are changing colors, the breeze is cool, but the sun is still shining. We even had some beautiful overcast days and a rain storm one day! I LOVE IT HERE! Transfers are next week, so I'm trying to profit my potential last week in Carcassonne... we will see next week.

We have been seeing so many miracles within our little ward here. Like I said last week, the ward is truly opening up their homes to us! I love the members, and each time we go into one of their homes, we feel loved and welcomed. After we share a spiritual thought with them, they know we are serious about our work and that we expect their help. Then we eat together and talk about ourselves and we learn who they are. Then we laugh together and then that's when I know they love us. It has been eye opening. We went to a little ville called Pomas one day and then walked 45 minutes ON A FREEWAY to get to a little village where a member couple lives... we always want to see them, but they're "never free"... but they're retired so we knew they were lying. So we just walked there! When they answered the door, they were so surprised to see us and they felt loved that we went so far out of our way to come visit them. They gave us a great surprise meal from their backyard garden and we had a great evening together before they drove us back. IT WAS ROCKIN! We also had two meals on Saturday... Soeur Bayles and I thought we were gonna throw up we ate so much stinkin food. We met with the Laborie family in the afternoon and then with the Mulandas that night. We didn't realize till this week, but EVERYONE in our ward is related somehow. One woman is the mother of three women in our ward who are married to men whose sisters are married to other men in our ward... SO CRAZY! Apparently all French wards are like that.

We had one day with NOTHING to do, so we walked like 12 miles all over Carcassonne passing old amis, and we saw a lot of them! We contacted everyone we saw and got lots of potential amis. We didn't have much time to contact this week, but when we did, we had a GREAT time. We also got to go to the CUTEST French ville I have ever been to in my life called Quillan... of my goodness. It's a dream. Go look it up, because I cant even explain it. It has a little castle that is only walls now. Basically everyone we met there had never met missionaries and lots of people were interested! We wished we would have had more Livre de Mormons after a while. It was really cool to visit there.

We had district meeting this week and had a jolly time with the other missionaries here in Carcassonne. We also had exchanges in a ville outside of Toulouse called Montabaun. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! But I didn't get to take any pictures! Im so bummed... we were so busy the whole day helping members move and what not that we didn't have time to contact or roam the city... it was kinda a bummer, but we were busy doing service all day, so it was really great. Also, while we were in Montabaun, Soeur Bentley, my companion for the day, received a call that she would be going home for medical reasons... she was devastated and it was a very emotional day for all of us. She showed such great faith and trust in the Lord. It was a hard day, but I learned so much and my Faith was really strengthened too. We have been seeing lots of opposition here with our amis, and its hard to continue being optimistic when there is opposition around every corner. Our ami Regine is having a hard time feeling the spirit, and so it is hard to keep her motivated when she doesn't feel like its true. We struggle with that and it has been hard, but we are trying our best to help her. She still loves us and is willing to see us, so there is time. PRAY FOR HER! We haven't seen our two other amis in about 3 weeks because Josiane has been really busy (we are seeing her this week though), and Cynthia lost her phone and is NEVER home when we pass by her in Castelnaudary... so it has been hard to have leƧcons and teach when everyone is slowing down. Marine however is progressing very well! The baptism is still planned for this coming Sunday, so YAY!! We are so excited to be apart of that. Her and her sisters have each chosen someone different to baptize and confirm them... so basically every priesthood holder in the ward will be participating, haha. We are so excited! I cant wait to send you pictures next week!

I gave a talk yesterday on the first vision and it was SO nerve wracking. But it went really well! My French is getting so much better. I understand just about everything now. We are only speaking French this week, which is gonna bless me so much! So I'm sure I'll be fluent by the end of this week, haha. I am just so happy and grateful to be here. I really learned this week to trust in the Lord... I learn that all the time, but this week especially. If we aren't seeing tons of success, its because we are supposed to meet with members, and that's what we have been doing. So yeah. Trust in the Lord, and have a great week!! There is not much else. We are just working our buns off and trying to be instruments in the Lords hands. Remember us and our amis in your prayers and know that I love you all very much... Je vous aime.

Passez une bonne semaine!

Avec tout mon amour,
Soeur Beeny

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