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September 16, 2013 - Beautiful Week in Carcassonne!

What a beautiful week in Carcassonne! And another beautiful six weeks to come! I am staying for another transfer, but my incredible companion Soeur Bayles left this morning for her new ville... Tarbes. She is so awesome and she will do great things. My new companion arrives in about an hour, so we will see how she is... I have high hopes! 

So, we saw LOTS of awesome miracles this week. We did exchanges Tuesday. So I was with Soeur Vidal, the Mexican Canadian who also left this morning... We had a great time! We went to a Relief Society activity in Villemoustaussou. They gave us lots of free stuff because it was an item exchange. It was fun though. Afterwards we went and did some porting, and a woman let us in! Her name is Marie. She has lost a daughter recently, so we taught her the plan of salvation and left her with a Livre de Mormon. It was so awesome. We set our next RDV for this week, so she is a new ami! Also, like two minutes after this we met a woman who was totally not interested, but said her neighbor would be. She gave us the MOST vague directions ever and left us without even a name... we were on the hunt, and I don't know how it happened, but we knocked on a door, and the woman fit the description. She let us in and we had a lesson. She is from Spain, so Soeur Vidal spoke Spanish with her. WHAT?! It was a miracle. Suuuuch a good day in Villemoustaussou. I cant wait to go back! 

Soeur Bayles and I had lots of success with member work this week. We randomly dropped in on two families, who are retired but never have time... which makes no sense. But they were both home!! It was so awesome!! The Vieillard family was there eating kebab (yum). They let us share a spiritual thought and then showed us around their art studio, because frère is an artist. AMAZING paintings. They live in Grezes, and we missed our bus back, so their daughter took us back to Carcassonne. We also got to meet their inactive son while we were there, which was AWESOME! And they gave us the address and number for their other son who is inactive. They trust us now... so awesome. We stopped by an old ladies home and she was so sweet. We shared a spiritual thought and then fed us hot chocolate literally from a soup bowl. Every single member in our ward has their own beautiful little garden. It is way cool. We had a great FHE with the Mulanda family tonight and on our way home we contacted a woman who took a Livre de Mormon! We set up a RDV because she doesnt like reading, so we are going to read to her, haha. That's tonight. Hopefully she will become a new ami! 

We had district meeting in Perpignan last week, which was very fun. It was Mexican themed... haha, so we ate tacos and our district leader made piñatas! It was so memorable. But we talked about member work and had a really great time. I love being with other missionaries. I always learn so much from them. We also had extra time in Perpignan, so we went to H&M!! So awesome. We have no shopping here in Carcassonne, so it was nice. I got a cute scarf because people wear scarfs here as often as they wear pants: meaning all the time. We also had a great RDV with Regine this week. We understand her "meditation" which isn't really meditation at all, but we know now what to teach her!! The Plan of Salvation. And we lined up an awesome member to teach with us this week, so it's only a matter of time before she feels the spirit and commits to baptism. 

Friday morning we received our transfer calls... obviously I'm staying in Carcassonne! My new companion's name is Soeur Man. She is coming from Chambery France in the East. She is from Texas... I'll send pictures of my next victim next week. Friday we had four RDV fall through. IT WAS ROUGH! But we were able to do some great contacting and teach some very simple member lessons. We also went around Carcassonne and ate everything Soeur Bayles had been wanting to eat, because she knew her time was limited before she left, haha. We ate SO MUCH this weekend.

Saturday we left early with a member to visit an inactive family. They live forever away. We were on the freeway when all of a sudden a dog ran into the road. We hit him. It was probably the most traumatic experience of my entire life. I was screaming and crying and I couldn't get the image of the dog out of my head. The member's car was pretty beat up, and he said we were lucky that we didn't get into a bad accident. Because his car was beat up we were stuck at the inactive families house all day... which ended up being great! It was a blessing in disguise. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Take care of our dogs though... I don't want the Lord using them for anything. So we ate tons of Brazilian food at the Bento's home that day. They also had a beautiful garden. Then when we finally got back to Carcassonne, our DMP sensei made us delicious Vietnamamenin (?) nems and tomatoe farsee... we ate SO MUCH! We also got a terrible text Saturday from Bishop saying that the baptism is rescheduled for next week because Marine's dad is flying in from Africa Thursday so he can be here for it. He is actually coming to France to finalize the divorce, but Bishop didn't want to tell us that. It was so hard. It was the first time I have seen Soeur Bayles cry. We cried together. There are so many incredible missionaries that are obedient and hard working that never see baptisms, and she's one of them. The timing is always off for her. But her faith is strong. She is just happy that Marine is still getting baptized. Pictures will come next week. Pray she will baptized.

Yesterday I cried more than any other day of my mission because Soeur Bayles gave her farewell testimony in Sacrament and she cried for the second time in the past three months... and I realized how much I love her and how much I will miss her. Every time a member asked me if I was sad, I cried. We ate lunch with the Martin family after church before heading home for her to pack. She wanted to contact on the Greenbelt one last time, so that's how we spent our last day together. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and lots of people were out. We contacted 140 people in two hours, but no one was interested. No one would even take our cards! It was odd... and then we contacted them. Amine and Emilie. They are a cute married couple in their 30s. They told us they have been looking for the truth and they want to know if we have it. They asked us sooo many questions. We basically had a lesson right there. They took the Livre de Mormon and told us they wanted to read and know for themselves. They are elus. It just goes to show that if we are trying our hardest and opening our mouths, the Lord will put those in our path who are ready to accept our message. I love this gospel!! 

We then went to the Philipe's house, the other Soeur's amis and had another Brazilian feast... WOW! We ate so much delicious food. I'm sure I gained a ton of weight this week. I'll work on it. 

I love you all and I miss you! Keep the letters coming. I don't get tired of them. Have a blessed week and pray for our amis Marine, Regine, Josiane, Cynthia, Gabriel, Chan Than, and Marie. 

Avec tout mon amour,

Soeur Victoria Beeny

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