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What a beautiful and spirit filled week. We started from the bottom, with nothing, and found 3 new amis, and were able to visit the homes of 4 members here. It was awesome! Our branch here is TINY! Seriously there are like 40 or so active people in the branch... We have a lot of inactive work to do, but also, we made a personal goal to baptize a family before Christmas!! We started the week on Tuesday by setting transfer goals and planning how we are going to reach our Birthday present goal for Jesus of 4 baptisms. We are so pumped and have already seen how the Lord is putting us on the right path. We did lots of finding Wednesday. It was halloween, so we made orange cookies and decided to deliver them to members and inactives in Chambéry. We walked probably about 7 miles passing inactive members that we are determined to reactive. But no one was home... but we saw our beautiful ville and fell in love with the scenery and the people.
It is hard for both Soeur Richardson and I because we were in our last villes since we were born on
the mission... We are both homesick for our bleu villes, but we have learned a lot and are so pumped to be here. We really do have a FANTASTIC time togther. She is soo beautiful and fun and crazy outgoing. We laugh SOOO much... maybe too much sometimes, but it is good. We are a great match.
We were able to visit our branch president and go to his house for dinner one day last week. The Ferari family is very fun, and they have the cutest kids in the world!! We love the branch already... We also got to see the Belibi family and the Gaggini family.
We took a train Friday morning to Pont de Beauvoisin to see the Belibi family, but after 30 minutes we realized the train hadn't stopped at any of the little villes... it was weird, so we asked the conductor. The train was direct to Lyon! It was SNCFs fault, they were supposed to stop at the little villes, but didn't advertise that the train had changed its course. Sooo we went to Lyon and freaked out trying to find a way back to Chambéry, haha. It was quite a little adventure actually! We took a charter bus home and got to the members house. They live in the cute country side. Soeur Belibi is from Hungary and Frere Belibi is from Camoroun. Great couple in the branch! They literally cooked an ENTIRE duck for the 4 of us, hahaha. It was so yummy and funny looking!! Members here are great. Go big or go home. We got to see some beautiful mountain scenery this week on our adventure... it is stunning. Everyone keeps telling us the mountains will be covered in snow soon enough. AHHH! I am living a fairy tale. We also had some of the GREATEST contacts every this week. We contacted a lot and did some good old porting. We gave away 6 LdeMs this week and met some great elus. I also slipped because it has been raining a lot here... and I tore my skirt. Hahahaha, seriously we laughed sooo hard!! Soeur Richardson and I are a dream team. We are so stinkin happy and we are both really obedient. We are destined to see more miracles than we can even imagine. PS - Soeur Richardson's dad is the second counselor in the Genereal Sunday School Presidency. I'm famous by association. #ALister

We have one ami named Amirah. We met her Wednesday. She is from Camoroun and speaks English. She is here for her studies and is here all alone. She is a happy catholic. She didn't give us her number, but she gave us her address... we went to visit her on Saturday. Her address was hard to find, and then it ended up being a hotel. We decided to go in anyway, and knocked on the room labeled 314... we felt so weird and thought we were going to be kicked out. But she answered the door! She is living in the hotel that is also a residence hall. We taught her a lecon zero... Soeur Richardson and I are so in sync. We teach with so much spirit. We were all crying during the lecon. It was absolutely incredible. We testified of the restored church. Amirah is 22. She really relates to us and loves us. We didn't have a BoM in English for her, so we are going back to teach her the restoration and give her a copy this week... pray that she will continue to regonize the spirit and have a desire to come to church. She is golden. She just needs to know for herself now. 

We found another new ami named Mory. He is from Mali in Africa and doesn't speak much French. He speaks Babarra... whatever that is. He has no belief system, but knows that there is a God and that we are His children. So basic, but a perfect foundation. He seems really cool, and we are excited to see how things go!! Pray for him that he will understand us and our message and have a desire to learn and grow in the gospel and accept the gospel in his life. 

Our third ami is a TOTAL hippie... literally his name is Amaury and he has dreds and dresses like Bob Marley. He wears sandals in the freezing weather... cool guy. Anyway, we had a lecon with him and just found out about him. He believes in energy and nature. He seems to not really understand the concept of organized religion. He wants to keep learning about our church though... he is curious. Pray for him that he will feel the spirit and know the truthfulness of our message. 

We have lots of leçons set up for this week with many potentials. We were worried it would take us a while to build up our pool of leçons and amis, but the Lord has blessed us. I know he has put words into our mouths and answers and inspired questions into our minds to help develop our contacting skills. I know that I have done nothing but go out and open my mouth this week. The Lord has done the rest. I love it here and couldn't

imagine myself anywhere else at this time... Pray for Soeur Richardson and I this week to continue with a fullness of faith to help our amis progress, and to make our potentials real amis. We know that we can reach our goal of baptisms with more faith, more work, and more confidence in the Lord. He can do all.

The mission is having a MONSTER week, meaning we give EVERYTHING to the Lord. President made a schedule of what to study and what to do each day so that we can be affective and see real miracles! We are determined to find our family this week. I know we will. Pray for us. I BEG OF YOU! Pray for us. I know that the power of prayer is real. We CAN do this. We CAN see our 4 baptisms and find a family that can be sealed for all time and eternity. Help us help them. I love you all so much. Have a beautiful week. Always remember the value of the gospel in your lives. The Lord is there. This is His church.

I love you. Passez une belle semaine.
Avec tout mon amour,

Soeur Victoria Beeny

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