Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Reunited And It Feels So Good!

This past week was almost as fast as the week before, and I'm sure before I know it I will be transferred and before I know it I will be home. Time is limited here. Before ya know it, I will be calling home for Christmas!!
So anyway, we had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders on Tuesday in Talence, which is right outside of Bordeaux, which is the most beautiful ville I have been in... I hope I get to serve there one day. I was with Soeur Reynolds through the day. She is a great sister. We didn't have much planned except visiting a member who was in the hospital. RANDOM FACT: French Hospitals = Really Creepy. She wasn't there though, so we randomly passed different members and did lots of contacting! We had a great time, even though there was dumb rain. We had one lady come up to us on the bus and say "Hey, I really wanna learn more about your church! I am looking for the truth and want to know if you have it."... MIRACLE! It was so awesome. We had a grand time in Bordeaux. It just goes to show that there are miracles happening all over France, not just in Carcassonne! 

We had lots of leçons this week, so that was fun. We had great leçcons with Jullien. He loves the Plan of Salvation and told us it makes total sense and told us his goal is to make it to the Celestial Kingdom... we also taught the Gospel. He is excited for his baptism, and he said he was excited to come to Jean-François's baptism as well! We taught him the Word of Wisdom on Saturday, just a few hours before the baptism. He said he accepted it. We asked if he knew that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and he said yes. He said he knew that if it came from Joseph, that it really was a commandment given from God. The only problem he had was that he loves coffee, but he said he would try to give it up, and that he would let us know how things went and when he needed help. He gave a great prayer and told us he would be back in an hour for the baptism. We were overjoyed!... Well he texted us about 30 minutes later and told us that he didn't want to see us ever again. He said he loved coffee too much and that he will never give it up for anything... We were shocked!! 30 minutes earlier he had told us that all was well and that he understood and would try. We were blown out of the water. Soeur Mann was so upset. I thought it was a joke at first, but it wasn't. We were really shaken as Jean-François arrived for his baptism. It made it hard, but I recognized that it was Satan trying to work against us. Something beautiful and amazing was about to happen, and he wanted to do everything in his power to stop us. Keep praying for Jullien and that he will recognize that he can stop drinking coffee. We hope to keep his baptismal date and to keep teaching him... we will see in a few days when we try to contact him again.

French people are Flaky. FLAKY. But I still love them.

We got two new amis this week. Christian we met last week contacting. He came to our leçon and accepted the LdeM. He seems really chill and wants to know for himself. He is in the process of moving from one little ville to another, so we wont be able to see him for about two weeks! Bummer, but we call him every couple of days to see how his reading is going... ya gotta do whacha gotta do. Especially here in France! Pray that he will know for himself and feel the spirit as he reads the LdeM.

Do you remember the miracle leçon I had with Soeur Bayles like 6 or 7 weeks ago? We felt like we needed to go out contacting on a Sunday night for some reason. We changed out plans. We contacted a woman on a bench with her grandbaby and she didn't seem interested... we walked like 50 feet away and we knew we NEEDED to go back and talk to her more. When we went back we had a RDV with her. She cried during our leçon and accepted the LdeM. We didn't get her information because she doesn't live here in Carcassonne... WELL, we saw her this week and she remembered me! She just moved here to Carcassonne and wants to see us. We will be seeing her tomorrow. DANG. I am so happy that 7 weeks ago we listened to the spirit. Not until almost two months later are we seeing the fruits of our labors. Her name is Madame Devigne. Pray for her to accept our message and feel the spirit.

We had some great experiences with members this week. We went to Dior and Adhnas house (our bishops daughters) so we could practice teaching with them. We KILLED it. I feel like my teaching skills have improved amazingly this transfer. Teaching seems to be my passion as a missionary. Dior made homemade rice pudding... WHICH WAS SO DELICIOUS! Dang it was good. 

We had a district meeting this week. Elder Crossman, our district leader is going home in a week, so he is really distracted and not too concentrated, haha, which made for a really fun and bizare district meeting. We get to go to Perpignan this week for another one too! haha, Jean-François was so nervous for his baptismal interview, but he passed with soaring colors! 

Other fun surprise this week: Soeur Bayles returned for a day to do her legality!! It was so fun to be reunited with her... one of her amis literally died two weeks ago. He got into a car accident and died. Pray for her to find more amis! Anyway, we had fun and I realized how stinkin lucky I was to have her as a companion...


We had a great leçon with Jean-François where we watched the restoration video. FUN. He felt the spirit a lot this week, especially at his baptism. Every time we saw him he would tell us he was really nervous for his baptism. It worried us. Saturday when he arrived for his baptism, he told us he woke up more at peace with his decision to get baptized than ever before. He randomly changed his mind and wanted another ward member to baptize him, and the Brother said yes. It was really great to get other ward members involved. The brother hadn't baptized anyone since his mission about 15 years ago. It was beautiful! Remember the trio Gretchen, Charlotte, and I sang at Seminary Graduation? Well, Soeur Mann, Everett, and I sang it at the baptism, but we changed the lyrics to the French version of Je sais qu'il vit mon rédempteur. IT WAS AMAZING! Jean-François cried when we sang... it was beautiful. His baptism was beautiful. All the kids (and I) were kneeling around the glass wall. As he came out of the water, one baby began to scream and cry, haha. It was really funny. It kind of ruined the spirit a little, but it was memorable!! He didn't mind at all. His confirmation yesterday was beautiful as well. The bishop blessed him to hold fast to the gospel, and promised that the gospel would bless him and his future family... FAMILY!! So basically I baptized a family this week... right on. It was a great experience. Now we need to find some new super prepared people just like him!! Haha, pray for him to continue well and for us to find some great new amis. Soeur Mann had a great birthday and we had fun. What better birthday gift than a golden ami to get baptized?

Soeur Mann was sick all day yesterday, so we didn't get to do much. Soeur Everett stayed home with her and Soeur Richardson and I went out go to three RDVs... all of which fell through, haha. Opposition is so stupid! But it makes the good moments that much more beautiful :) 

Funny occurrence this week: Got asked if I was a virgin... people aren't too private here, haha.

Other than that, we are all just waiting around for transfer calls this week, so don't send me anything because it may not get here before Monday! I love you all. Have a blessed week and know the Lord is there.

Avec tout mon amour, 

Soeur Beeny

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