Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Waiting On The World To Change

Dull week in Carcassonne to be quite honest... Jean François is still progressing nicely. He will be receiving the Priesthood next Sunday! YAY! We had exchanges on Mardi. We taught leçons to Chan Than, the Mulenda family, and a surprise leçon to a German girl who was here on vacation. She had an hour till her train and was intrigued. Miraculously Soeur Richardson had German pamphlets in her purse. NO COINCIDENCE! She will be baptized one day. Soeur Richardson got sick on Mercredi and so the other three of us were doing exchanges on and off throughout the week to facilitate the amis of both équipes in Carcassonne. It was really fun actually because we had time to teach with Soeur Everett... I really do love that girl with my whole heart. That will be a lasting friendship for sure. Jeudi we had a district meeting in Perpignan... well we missed our second train home and were stuck in Narbonne for an hour and a half; so we explored!! It's beautiful. The cathedral pictures are from there. Fun mistake on our part. We received our calls on Vendredi. WOW! We all saw it coming... I was waitin for my world to change. I packed a lot this weekend. We also had stake conference on Dimanche in Toulouse! So fun to see all the missionaries. It was a good opportunity for me to say good bye to the ward, or at least the ones that came. We got a new stake president, so a member of the 70 was there. FUN! I cried as I said goodbye to Adhna and Dior Martin, the Fouti-Makays, and the Mulendas. I hugged those little kids until their eyes popped out. I will miss Carcassonne so much, but I know the Lord needs me else where right now.
So my new companions name is Soeur Lauren Richardson, not the one from Carcassonne. She was also trained by Soeur Bayles! So she's my sister!! We are SOO incredibly excited to be together! We are opening a new équipe (meaning we are starting a new companionship in an area where there was previously only one companionship, but we are opening the second) in.... Chambéry France!! It is literally on the other end of the mission. We are pretty close to the border of Switzerland. In fact, we will have all of our Zone Conferences and Meetings in Switzerland. CRAZY!! It is so beautiful here in the lovely alps! And chilly. Get me those thermals please :) 

Soeur Victoria Beeny 
248 Rue Nicolas Parent
73000 Chambéry

We only arrived yesterday, after a long day of travel we unpacked and then went to a Soirée
Familliale with a recent convert and 3 amis from the other équipe. We ate African food!! Pretty yummy stuff let me tell ya. And spicy. At the end of the meal Arsen, the recent convert, brings out of bottle of apple cider for us to celebrate the three new soeurs here! We pour our glasses and cheers... we drank. We made faces. We took a another sip. I looked at my companion and we were grimacing... I picked up the bottle from the table and saw that it had alcohol in it. HAHAHA!! Our recent convert was SO embarrassed. We were laughing so hard. We got rid of the rest and basked in a moment of brilliant laughter. What an unforgettable first night in Chambéry!

Soeur Richardson and I have no amis. Nothing to work with. We will be starting from ground zero, finding new amis, reactivating in the tiny branch here, and baptizing families. We have a birthday present to prepare for Jesus. We want to have 4 baptisms by Christmas. Pray your hearts out for us ya'll. I know the Lord can do it. It's up to us to show our faith. Thank you so much. I love you all and can't wait to send pictures of my beautiful new ville!! Passez une belle semaine!


Avec tout mon amour,

Soeur Victoria Beeny

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