Monday, October 6, 2014

There She Goes - October 6, 2014

So, last week was actually very, very boring, and very, very uneventful. I was in Lyon from Monday till Thursday. The new missionaries were stuck in London for 12 hours, so everything was pushed back a whole day! It was crazy, and quite mind numbing... The trainers had nothing to do, so we did what we could. Thank heavens I was with Soeur Do! She is serving in Lyon, so we did some work in her sector. We saw some less actives and did contacting and what not... we also got to see some beautiful places in Lyon, including the overlook of Lyon!! The last time I went there was the first day I arrived in France... Wow, how times have changed, and yet it seems like it was only yesterday. It gave me a much greater perspective of what I need to do, and how little time I have left. I left Lyon with a prayer in my heart that I would be able to accomplish all that the Lord has in store for us in the short time that remains. Now is the moment that I will show the Lord if I am truly prepared to persevere to the end. I believe I am :) Taking every moment as its given, doubling my talents at every opportunity, and lifting one more spirit towards the love of the Lord.

Soeur Do and I were able to see Soeur Richardson and her parents while they were in Lyon!! It was so crazy! It feels like only yesterday I was talking to them on Skype Christmas day in an arab internet café, haha. They were so sweet! They left the institute in Lyon, and Soeur Do and I followed them... We almost ran after them to give Soeur Rich one last hug goodbye... but we decided that it wasnt right... then I said "There she goes."... a moment of silence. Then simultaniously Soeur Do and I began to sing "There She Goes... There she goes again!! ... Runnin through my head... and I cant ...(finish the song)." We were standing on the sidewalk in a busy French road, just singing. Lots of people walked by and gave us weird looks, hahahaha. IT WAS A REAL MOVIE MOMENT! I will never forget that moment, hahah. Thank you Soeur Do for making me feel like a celebrity ;)

The ceremony where we received our bleus was epic! Very fun... I was happy to receive Soeur Jacobsen, a cute little blondie from California! I would have been happy with any of the bleus!! They were all way cool. I really loved being able to see Soeur Everett who is finally back in the field after being at home, sick for about 6 months. I cried when I saw her... Dreams do come true :)
Otherwise, we had a pretty uneventful week!! We were able to see some less actives. We got to do two service projects for members!! That has never really happened before. Soeur Jacobsen is good luck I guess :) 

I was really happy to see Amandine after a long week. She is doing wonderfully and really loved coming to conference! Patrice also came with his cousin! YAY! Colette is in Toulouse... but she seems to be doing well. We are hoping to have a baptism the 8th of November and we are working our tails off to see it! But, we know it isnt possible without the Lord, so we set the goal to pray for our baptism in EVERY single prayer!! Please, keep us in your prayers. We also followed the example of our mission president and "rented" one of my missionary shirts in a covenant to the Lord that we would follow the commandments and give our all to His work here in Clermont!! Our own Title of Baptistry!! 

We spent basically all of the weekend with members and watching conference... It was such a joy!! I love conference. Saturday afternoon session was absolutely remarkable. Anderson. Callister. Holland. Klebingat. Abide with me Tis Eventide. I was so touched!!!!!! "I am not my brother's keeper, but I am my brother's brother." Remember to always be kind and considerate. We are here as the Lord's hands on earth. If we don't help and serve, how can we expect others to help and serve? I hear too many impatient, angry, and spiteful words. We must follow the example of the Savior. "It is much less important that we walk where Christ did, than that we walk AS He did." I thought of this statement and asked myself "Am I trying to be like Jesus? Am I following in His ways? Am I doing what He would do in every moment, and in every opportunity?" I am so grateful for a modern day prophet and for the apostles of the Lord. I know that the addresses given this weekend are the things God, our Heavenly Father, would want us to hear. As we treasure up His word and apply the teachings in our lives, we will find greater happiness and peace, and we will bless our brothers and sisters. In a world of hate and anger, let us try to be more loving and accepting and joyful. I know that as we do, the Lord will smile on us and help us along... I love Him. He loves you. I love you. Have a wonderful week :) 

Avec tout mon amour, 
Soeur Beeny

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