Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up - October 13, 2014

Hahahaha, coolest miracle!! So we sit down to do emails. We start freakin out and speaking in English... a new employee in the internet café freaks out and comes over to speak to us in English!! He's from Australia. We had a nice conversation and then all of a sudden he told us he really wants to learn about the message we're sharing!! We took his number and set a rdv... then I asked his name. He responded "Shady."..... "What?"-me. "Shady, like Slim Shady.".... hahahahaha, so yes. We have a new potential ami named Shady :) I guess our fast to find new amis really worked!! We're excited and we can feel the miracles that are going to overflow our schedules this week! 

We got to see the lovely Ferreira family this week! We just ran by with cookies and luckily they were home. We stayed only a small moment, but they began sharing their lives. They are experiencing some opposition right now: lots of work, fatigue, overwhelming feelings. We worry for them, but lifted them up by sharing spiritual strength through the scriptures. They felt better as we talked about the Savior. He really is the solution to everything. We just ate crepes at the restaurant where Annabella Ferreira works! She told us to stop by, so we did! The 1513 Café is the most legit restaurant in all of Clermont... We were so glutenous. I got a crepe with coconut ice cream and hot fudge. When Annabella saw us, she ran out of the kitchen
with the BIGGEST smile in the world!! It was so worth it... I think she really felt our love :) also, her crepes are out of this world.

FUN FACTS! Soeur Jacobsen's grandpa was the mission president of the Macon Georgia mission in 1994!! SMALL WORLD! Also, Soeur Jacobsen is quite clumsy. As she was closing the church gate yesterday, it snagged her heel, and tore off the biggest chunk of skin in the world. It was bleeding profusely. I WAS SCREAMING!! I ran into the chapel as she hobbled in. I dug through the kitchen and found the first aid kit, throwing stuff around and screaming all the while. She came inside and I had to operate (put gauze) on her foot. Then I cleaned up all the nasty blood on the floor in the church, hahahha. It was so funny. Shes doing better today :) it was a fun story. I can now say that I saved my companions life :)

We had lots of fun lessons and rdv's this week... we made cookies with Amandine, Angelina, and one of her Chinese friends!! We finally got to see our "Dry Member" ami
Camille... We talked about PMG and she told us she has started praying about her mission... She is such an incredible example for us. The ultimate ami!! She also finished Personal Progress recently. Wowzers.

Saturday I had my first split!! We went to Vichy with some members to find less actives. It was nice, even though our less active wasn't home and we went on a crazy goose hunt. But ca va. It was fun and I love the new missionary spirit in the ward!! 

We had a way fun FHE with the single ladies in the ward. MEXICAN NIGHT!! Such a great memory
:) and yummy, oh so yummy food...

We saw Colette. Not the best lesson ever. She went to an evangelist church yesterday and really liked it. Oh no. But we hope that the spirit will work on her. We found an application that reads the Book of Mormon outloud in Portuguese. It will help her we believe. Pray for her to pray and read and receive her answer!! 

We fixed a baptismal date with Ibrahim for the 8th of November!! We also re-fixed Patrice's date for that day as well... All is going well, but we need more amis, hence
our fast. We really feel like this is the week!! Pray for us as we work our buns off!!

We had a very inspiring Zone Training this week. I was in tears several times. They asked me to sing Come Unto Christ as a testimony of the Savior. Made me think of Soeur Paulo and Soeur Grunke :) Miss them... I was so struck by many of the things the leaders said... I felt a sense of urgency. The Spirit was reminding me once again of the short amount of time I have. We all wrote one weakness we would give up  on a little piece of paper, and then we all shredded them with a paper shredder at the front of the room. YEAH!! The Zone Leaders invited us to go out of the meeting with a renewed vision, ready to be the greatest missionaries ever. We left. I contacted on both metros on the way to the train station, even though it was only 2 stops away... I did everything I could
to make every moment count. I have been doing the same here in Clermont, not allowing a moment
to go by without searching the will of the Lord... I have felt so satisfied with myself and my efforts, and even if we haven't found a bajillion new amis, I feel as if I am truly making a difference in the lives of our Heavenly Father's children. This is truly the life.

Yesterday I was touched by the Spirit many times during testimony meeting... I love the ward with all my heart. They have changed my life. I love my life. I love my mission. I love France. I love this gospel. I love Heavenly Father. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. Love is the key. It is the key to peace and happiness. I don't know what I would do without my mission, without this knowledge, without this hope... Wow. I am so lucky. Thank you. I love you all. Have a wonderful week.

Avec tout mon amour,

Soeur Beeny

Also, I am a tomatoe sauce in Spanish...

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