Wednesday, March 26, 2014

7 Miracles?... More Like 8 - March 25, 2014

This week is in the top weeks of my mission. So incredible. We were able to have some very fun FHEs with members, including the only family with children: the Mazalyrats. They are the sweetest. I made peach cobbler for them and they INHALED it, haha. Good to know my home cookin is appreciated in France as well :) 

Tuesday: MARDI DES 8 MIRACLES!! SOOOO COOOLLLL! Well, we didn't have much planned for this day, but we decided to fill our schedules with productive activities and get to work. As I told you last week, we invited Audrey our ami to stay with a member family during the week to live the law of chastity and be obedient so she could receive an answer to her prayers... well we didn't think she was gonna go through with it, BUT she texted us Tuesday to tell us she was with them and having an amazing spiritual day with them! We were able to set a sudden RDV with our engagé Steve as well. 2 miracles down... we went to find some members that we didn't know and hadn't ever met... usually when we do this, they don't live there anymore, BUT NOT THIS TIME! We found them! The first one had never met sister missionaries before, and excitedly invited us back for next week. (miracle 3) and then the second woman we found ended up not even being a member... her dad who had passed away was a member, but she is passing a difficult moment in life and wants to come to church and receive the lessons... say hello to our new ami Bernadette :) (miracle 4). We went to find  some old amis that were taught YEARS ago... Well the first man opened the door; he had never met sisters either, but was pleased and invited us back for the next week (miracle 5). The second old ami didn't live there anymore, but we called and he answered... then he hung up on us. Bummer... but then he called back a few hours later and said sorry that his phone had dropped us and we set a RDV for this week! (miracle 6). We contacted EVERYONE we met and were able to use the magic of the mission questionnaire to set a RDV on the spot with a man named Olivié, who has a family :) (miracle 7). We had such a lovely day, even though the weather was LAME. We ended the day with a RDV with Steve in the café... well he had read through most of 1st Nephi for fun... he said he hadn't prayed, because he thought about Real Intent: being willing to act upon the response you receive from God. He didn't know if he was willing to act without knowing what he would have to change in his life first... So he asked us about the commandments. We swallowed our fear and taught mini mini lessons on the word of wisdom, law of chastity and tithing... he looked at us and said 'that's all?... Well I can do that.' SOOOO COOOOLLLLL!! He accepted all of the commandments. Miracle number 8. It was just amazing. An amazing day provided by the Lord. It just goes to show that the Lord will bless us for our diligence. When we think nothing is coming, or we think we don't have anything to work with, you work with what you can give, and the Lord will provide the rest :)

We had a RDV with one of our amis Jonhse this week, who is from Angola. Well when we went to meet him, he was talking with a friend, Serge. We invited him to join us for our RDV, and he accepted! He's from central Africa.  They both accepted the restoration very well. They both came to church! As well as Steve, and some random Portuguese man that Soeur Paulo found in the area book, haha. We had 4 amis at church... The branch was FLIPPIN out they were so excited. Honestly, it was a miraculous day. We watched the restoration video with our amis, and they loved it. They all seem to be progressing nicely :)

We had a fun district meeting in Limoge this week and took some beautiful pictures! We ended the day with a fun FHE with the Temahukis, Audrey, and Joe. We talked about 3 Nephi 13:19-34 and I shared a story about the Banana Monkey Trap, talking about letting things go. We told Audrey to let go of her fears... it was fun; unfortunately, she decided to go home that night with Joe. We were disappointed. She also told us that she was going out of town on Saturday for a week...  NOOOO!!! We were freaking out a lot. Audrey and Joe helped us in a lesson with Stéphane, and it went really well. We taught the Restoration and priesthood... I think it was really good for Audrey. We had a RDV with her Friday morning before she left... Friday morning was one of he most stressful mornings of my life. We were so scared to go over and find out what was going on with her. WE THOUGHT SHE WAS RUNNING AWAY!! Well we went over and had a long discussion about her stay with the Temahukis... She said she felt peace she hadn't felt in months. She received revelation. And she missed Joe so much that she couldn't stay with the Temahukis any longer, even though it was an incredible experience for her. What she realized: the joy of righteous living, and how much she loves her fiance. She told us that she was going to stay with a cousin over the weekend, but she knows now that she wants to be with Joe forever... She planned the wedding for the end of April :) I WAS ALMOST IN TEARS! So before we went over for her RDV, we wanted to prepare for her week long trip... We made a very inspired reading and prayer schedule with topics by the day. We printed her out 8 talks and prepared her Spiritual Survival Kit. She was in love with it!! She was so excited and very grateful. We haven't talked to her since she left because she is in Germany, but Joe called us to tell  us that she would be coming home on Wednesday :) I am so grateful for her. She is the sweetest. I am grateful that my companion and I have been so in tune with the spirit concerning our amis needs. We have been so blessed by the Lord this week.

Missionary work is erupting here. Our members have been more involved. Soeur Temahuki taught
with us and then drove us around to our amis, and to find less actives on Saturday. Missionary work with a member (and a car) is more effective! haha, our members were so excited about our amis at church that they literally invited them over to their homes... and we didn't ask them to invite them either!! WOOOOWWW!!! We are so blessed.

We were able to go to our zone conference in Bordeaux yesterday, where Elder Lund of the 70 came to speak to us. It was fantastic. I always feel more dedicated after seeing our leaders and being instructed by them. I know the Lord lives, and that He loves us. This is His work. I am so grateful and lucky to be apart of it :) I love you all. Have a beautiful week!!

Avec tout mon amour,
Soeur Beeny

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