Monday, March 17, 2014

Meet Me Half Way - February 17, 2014

It's amazing how every week of the mission gets better... the weather picked up a little, but there was still quite a bit of rain! I bought rain boots last P-Day, so I was prepared, and felt very childlike as I purposefully stepped in puddles and giggled, ha ha. I also bought a bright pink umbrella!! I named her Barbie. Soeur Hoar got a blue umbrella... and we named him Ken. Perfect match if you ask me!
Monday we had a fun FHE with Audrey, our ami, her fiance Joe, and the Tahitian couple, the Temahukis. I found out that the Temahukis used to live in Chambéry... In fact, he was the first branch president there!! SO COOL! We reminisced and I was almost in tears as I thought about how much I still love every single member from Chambéry... Take good care of them Soeur Richardson! The Temahuki couple is FANTASTIC! They would be on a mission right now if her mom wasn't struggling health wise. So they are 100percent dedicated to this work! We are so grateful and we have been able to use them often in our work here :) They really love Stephan and are ecstatic that he will soon be apart of our branch! His baptism is this Saturday, in case you forgot! We are so pumped. We got permission to go to Bordeaux for the day so we could be there for his baptism too! We taught Stephan with the Temahukis this week. We retaught the restoration, because its never a bad idea. The spirit was penetrating as we retaught the promise in Moroni and invited him to read and pray with real intent. His testimony is a seedling, but he has great faith that as he continues to be obedient and do the little things, that his seedling will sprout into a solid, lifelong tree. Hes so cool. The Temahukis took us to McDonald's afterwards. McDonald's is called MacDo in France and it is pretty classy place to eat out. Tahitians are a hoot! Also, they know every other Tahitian in the world... I have a feeling the Temahukis are gonna become my second set of parents. They speak English, so it makes it fun as well. They made us order like 4 things each and then wouldn't let us leave the restaurant until we had eaten everything, ha ha.

I know things are going well, because we had more opposition this week... lots of tombezvous with amis and
potentials. Soeur Hoar was pretty sick all last week, so that slowed us down and kept us in more than we would have liked. I was going strong until yesterday night. I think I have strep... We'll see. Missionary work is no fun when you're sick. We sadly didn't get any new amis this week, but we feel as if we are just on the brink! We are switching to solely French for the last two weeks of the transfer so that we can find those families that are coming out of the cracks of Angouleme! Pray that we will find these families and be guided by the spirit to know how to touch their hearts.

We had a relief society party this week... knitting party!! That's right. I have been reunited with my favorite past time :) Its not odd to find Soeur Hoar and I knitting scarfs during the remaining meal time or after nightly planning. I feel like Grandma, and it feels so good!

I got to live every missionary's dream this week... I HAD AN EXCHANGE WITH MY MTC COMPANION SOEUR ROBERTS! It was the greatest day of my mission thus far :) It was perfect timing too, we met each other half way through our missions. That's right: I hit my 9 months this past week... I'm an old missionary now. Besides the point... we went on an adventure to Cognac France, a ville about 40 minutes outside of Angouleme. We enjoyed the beautiful day; the weather changed from pure blue skies, to rain, back to blue skies, to HAIL, and then back to blue skies yet again, ha ha. Fun memories. We talked to EVERYONE we saw and had some sweet conversations with some lovely French citizens. We sought out some inactives, and found two of them. Not much luck, but we met a couple and a single man that were very intrigued with our message and seem like some solid potentials. We even ported a pharmacy by accident and invited the employees to come unto Christ! We were running behind schedule, and as we were talking with a less active, we realized we had 10 minutes until our train... we broke into a sprint towards the gare. I began to panic as I realized that we were more than likely not going to make it. Soeur Roberts was ahead of me, and I filled with despair. Then a thought popped into my head: you,re not going to make it unless someone drives you... Stop the next car and ask for a ride. I didn't hesitate for one second. I turned around and waved frantically at the next car. A couple in a baby blue car pulled over. I am astounded that my French is still steady even while I'm in distress... but as I asked the couple to take us to the gare, they accepted and told us to get in. MIRACLE COUPLE! Soeur Roberts was a bit shocked... but followed my lead. They were a darling couple, and very curious as to why we were here in Cognac, and more generally in France. It was a short little car ride, but powerfully filled with our testimonies of the joy the gospel brings to our lives and to our families. We didn't have time to do much more than leave them with our card as we sprinted from the car to the train, but I know that we sparked their interest and were able to serve servants of the Lord that day. The Lord works in mysterious ways... ya never know, maybe one day the husband will stand at the pulpit in General Conference and talk about some crazy American sister missionary that hitch hiked to the gare, touched his heart, and fanned the flame of his faith. I'm sure we changed their lives! It was a great day finished by a fun lesson with Stephan.

I got two packages this week!! WOO! Thank you to the Sharon Springs Young Women... You're the most
beautiful group of girls ever! And my dad sent me balloons... OH WOW! I thought I would have forgotten how to make balloons by now, but it came back like riding a bike, ha ha. My companions eyes about popped out of her head as I made two kissing doves in a heart for Valentines day. Precious moment for me! BALLOONS FOR LIFE!
Soeur Hoar and I weren't able to see Sandra this week, but we did get to soften Kathleen's heart as we read a story of Christs life. We had a breakthrough lesson with Audrey this week... I feel as if our friendships with our amis will help them trust us more and be more open to our message. Pray for our amis, and pray that we will find new amis as well! We went porting one night this week and randomly found a less active and his family! It was a sweet little miracle... Pray for them and that we will be able to teach them.

As I studied the life of Christ this week, I studied Luke 15:3-7 the story of the lost sheep. As we celebrated Valentines day this week, we focused on the love of the Savior and how we could help others feel this love as well. As I studied this parable, I thought of the love that Christ has for each and every one of us. I cant imagine it in its fullness, but I know it is there for each of us because I can feel it personally for me, and I can feel the love He has for our amis. I know that we are all numbered in the eyes of the Lord. Whether you're the 100th sheep that has gone astray, or the 112,582,962nd sheep gone astray, He loves you, and is seeking you diligently. He will rejoice when He finds you, and He will change you. Allow Him to change you and rejoice with you.

Have a great week :)
I love you all dearly!

Avec tout mon amour,
Soeur Beeny

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