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MUHAHAHAHA -- March 10, 2014

Well, after 6 transfers of being junior companion, my initial thought was "Now is my time to rule over my companion!!! MUHAHAHAHA!!!" (I'm totally kidding... it kinda freaked me out for a few days). But, in all reality, I am highly incapable. We missed our train on Monday night and had to stay the night in Talence, Tuesday night we went to members for dinner and they refused to take us home until 10:07 (over an hour later than our curfew), and then on Wednesday I lost the cell phone on the bus in Bordeaux during an exchange... YIKES!! hahaha, but things are looking better now :) And Ive realized how much things are exactly the same as before my crowning as Senior companion... I love Soeur Paulo.
So, I also started the week with a little problem... meaning a piece of glass in my foot. It was so tiny
that I couldn't find it, and I thought it was just my imagination! Well after 4 days of salt foot baths and walking around like I had an amputated leg, I dug a hole in my foot to find the tiny little sliver that changed my whole world!! Pictures will be attached of the miniscule fragment...
This weeks weather was breathtaking! Literally it was so warm that we took off our coats and were sweating a little as we heaved our winter bodies up the hills of Angouleme! It was fantastic! And it seems like it should be staying like this for a while. Things are looking up :) We were able to go visit a member in a nursing home this week with Soeur Temahuki... Her name is Madeleine Chevaux, and she turned 104 this week!! WOOOWW! It was incredible to meet someone so... seasoned. She was a sweety. She is blind, but she could feel the warmth of our love as we sang to her and ate cake. What a blessed daughter of God. As we drove through the countryside of France, we passed 3 separate castles overlooking the sunset... I couldn't believe where I was. I felt like I was looking at a magazine or living a dream. The warmth of the spirit poured over my body. I am incredibly lucky to be here, to have this opportunity to serve the Lord in such a beautiful part of the world. I am so blessed. We are all blessed to have this gospel in our lives. We are lucky to be alive and living in such a beautiful world created for us by our loving Heavenly Father!!

We have placed a heavy focus on working with the branch this transfer so that they can feel strengthened and prepared to welcome and strength new converts! We were able to visit the Temahukis, Menardins, Stéphane, Soeur Bouchard, Soeur Adele and the Mazelyrats! We also had a mission wide Endearment Day yesterday at church where we SPARKED the members like crazy! We set up RDVs with members that I have never been able to visit before! It was awesome :) We hope to continue to work with them and help them become world class member missionaries. 

We were able to see lots of our amis this week! Henriette Rivoisy, who I have only been able to teach once, is doing fantastic. She is from Madagascar... As we taught her the Plan of Salvation, she gasped and jumped in her seat and opened her big eyes like any thrilled African woman! She is so open and ready to accept the gospel! What I love about missionary work is seeing amis realize how much sense the gospel makes... They recognize that a loving Heavenly Father wouldn't have it any other way! We were only able to teach Audrey during an FHE with the Temahukis, so that's kinda a bummer... But she still has the light of the gospel in her eyes. Pray for her to receive answers to her prayers and to have a desire to get married to Joe, her prince charming!!

The coolest ami award of the week goes to Steve: the American who knew Mormons in high school!
We were able to teach him in a café again... and he had read the BofM. He told us he wouldn't promise anything, and then he read. He read the intro, the testimonies, and then he looked at the references of the pictures and looked up 3 Nephi 11 and 12!... wow. What kind of ami finds the juicy meat of the BofM all by themselves the first time they open the book? Elect amis. That's who. We had a powerful RDV in the café, where he teared up as we asked him about his relationship with God. He feels like He has abandoned him and left him to figure things out on his own; well we know that is not true. Steve said he didn't think he was actually looking for anything more than just learning more about our beliefs, but now he is searching; he wants to know if what we are teaching is true. We told him we wanted to teach him the Plan of Happiness and he accepted a RDV at the church. The Temahukis were grateful to teach with us! As we drew the plan of happiness on the board, Steve became more and more skeptical. He told us that he didn't know where, but he had heard this plan before. We testified that he heard it in the life before this life, and that he accepted to live it. His eyes filled with tears at our words. He honestly couldn't believe it. He told us that he felt relieved at the end of the lesson, because he felt less afraid. He could feel that this is what a loving Heavenly Father would do for his children. He wasn't able to come to church, and we know that he is still a little closed off from letting us into his life. He wants to continue seeing us however. Pray that he will let us in and that he will receive answers to his prayers.

We were able to do a great exchange with the Sister Training Leaders this week! I was able to go with Soeur Hulme from Utah! We went to a little outerville during the day... We woke up late for our train, and I literally got ready in 7 minutes... WOW! Fun. We spent the day with a Tahitian member from their ward, Velma. We went contacting and porting with her. Tahitians love missionary work!! It was so much fun... We ate 3 meals with them, and we were with them for about 5 hours, hahaha. She also gave me her bag because I told her I liked it! Wow. Cool people. There are incredible members here :)
Cool Miracle of the Week: We came in for a late dinner and to make some calls... Soeur Paulo, being
the inspired missionary she is, realized we had not met our contacting goal for the day. So, tired and hungry we headed back out! We went to centre ville, which wasn't very crowded, and began to preach the word of God to anyone that would listen! I stopped a woman and her beautiful teenagers. After sparking the crud out of them, telling the mom she had a beautiful family, and telling the daughter she had beautiful eyes, I told her I was a missionary sharing a message about how we can strengthen our family through our faith. Jeanna told me she was believing and that faith plays an immense role in her life. She told me that she didn't have much time, but she wanted to hear more. She saw the LdeM in my hand and said "Well, I could take your book and give you my number and address and you could come over next week!"... My heart exploded and I couldn't remember how to make French come out of my face. It came to my mind that even though she spoke perfect French, she may need the LdeM in another language. I asked and she told me she was Russian. I told her we would find her a book in her language and she seemed even more thrilled to accept our message as it could be read in her maternal language. We sent her and her family on their way, with a promise of our family of four in our hearts! Diligence pays off. The Lord wants to bless us, we only need to be obedient.
I love you all and I hope you have an incredible week!!
Avec tout mon amour,
Soeur Beeny

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