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Love Makes The World Go Round - February 24, 2014

We had a week. Not the greatest week. Not the worst week. But a week as missionaries :) And we finished it off with a BANG!! 

The family Temahuki took us under their wings again and we spent lots of time with them, doing good and what not. We had an FHE at their home on Monday with Audrey and Joe. We had a fun time and laughed incredibly hard!! Tahitians are the most STUBBORN people I have ever met! Haha, we did missionary role plays with them, practicing teaching in unity and simply. We were in pairs, and we had to teach a specific topic in 3 minutes, but every time someone clapped their hands, you had to stop mid sentence and your companion had to finish your sentence... soooo classic! The Temahukis were so funny, jumping from one scripture to another at the clap of your hands. She hits him a lot... and then we all laugh :) Audrey would be a great member to teach with!... she just needs to become a member first!! We were invited over to the Temahukis again on Wednesday afternoon for lunch, to teach one of Soeur Temahukis friends, Elizabeth. We had met her before, so it was a friendly environment! We tried to teach the restoration, but she had lots and lots of great questions! We answered lots of her questions and were able to get through our lesson. As I shared the first vision in Joseph Smith's words,  the spirit filled the room. She again began with questions. She didn't have loads of time, but she promised to read the LdeM and pray. We hope to see her again this week. There is nothing better than teaching a members friend in the members home!! We had another visit with the Temahukis last night. Their inactive son, Nephi, ha ha ha, was at their home for the weekend. He loves music, so we decided to do a music FHE with them! We sang lots of hymns, while Nephi played the guitar, and read the scriptures that inspired the words. How fun! It was a great way to invite the Spirit, and testify of the Savior, but in a more laid back setting. We have so much fun with this family. They are rock star members!!

We taught Stéphane three times this week, each time with the Temahukis. We were able to focus one RDV
solely on the Savior and His life and ministry. We watched a DVD called Finding Faith in Christ, which is slightly cheesy, but still full of testifying power. We just wanted to fill Stéphane with the spirit before he had his baptismal interview the following day... which came and went! He passed with flying colors! We had a little spiritual thought about the joy of the gospel. At the end of his heartfelt prayer, he had tears in his eyes. It was in that moment that I knew he was ready. We had one more RDV with him, where we read the vision of the tree of life, and then drew it on the chalk board... we are horrendous artists, to say the least, but it was fun!! Stéphane loves the little kids comic book for the LdeM. He says it really helps him understand what hes reading. Then the day came: Soeur Hoar and I took a train to Bordeaux on Saturday morning. When he arrived at the chapel, his face was dressed with a smile! We had never seen Stéphane happier in our lives!! He was so excited! And thus, we were excited. The Temahukis were 20 minutes late for the baptism. They came through the door right before Stéphane got in the font. It was a miracle! We were all able to celebrate afterwards. Stéphane asked the other sisters to sing at the baptism, and then he asked me to join them like the day before... So, with my sickness filled throat, I sand my little heart out at his baptism. It was a pleasant day :) I was so grateful to yet again witness someone change their life by entering the waters of baptism. Pray for him to continue strong!

We were able to see Audrey a few times this week, and it seems as if she is making great progress. She has been seeing missionaries for a year now, and she has held several baptismal dates, but never followed through. We know that she is prepared, but we wanted her to set a date that she would keep herself. So, we had a beautiful RDV on prayer, personal revelation, and the love Heavenly Father has for us. We then invited her to pray and choose a date for herself. She was a little taken back, but she told us she would and that she felt more solid because it would now be her choice, not the missionaries. She is still praying, but she seems more spiritually guided. Pray for her to receive a response to her prayers.
We were able to teach a less active Evelyne this week. She has no testimony of the restored gospel, so we have decided to start from ground zero with her, which is good in the sense that we know where we need to go. We met so many cool people porting this week, but none of them became amis, sadly enough. But we hope to see them all again soon! Pray for Stephen, Jérémie, and Jacqueline.
We didnt have much else happen this week, except a great district meeting in Limoges! We focused on teaching through the Spirit, which is something that we have been trying to focus on as a companionship. We have been trying to have inspired and edifying studies in the morning to prepare us for our RDVs and our contacting. I have learned to love and really put concern into my personal studies, as I know that it will jump start my day! I have continued my studies of the Saviors life, and I was able to finish Luke this week. I loved Luke chapters 21 and 22, which expresses the atonement, the crucifixion and resurrection. There are very few words that can describe the suffering of the Savior in Gethsemane, but I have noticed that the more I try to apply the atonement, the more I understand exactly what the Savior endured for us. He loves us truly. The love of the Savior is even more present when he heals the soldiers ear, which was cut off by one of his disciples in an attempt to save the Lord. How incredible. Christ knows what is about to happen, and yet her grace and compassion overlook the evil deeds of these men, and He heals them...

It made me think of our new mission purpose that we recite everyday. "My purpose is to invite others
to come unto Christ through faith, repentance, baptism, the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. LOVE IS THE KEY. I will love the lord. I will keep His commandments. I will diligently feed His sheep. I will strive with all of my might to love my neighbor. I will pray with all the energy of heart to be filled with this love. I will ask in faith, being united with the mission, in prayer, and receive. I will trust the Lord and be happy." What inspired phrases. Love is truly the key. Love is the engine that gets me going in the morning. Love is what makes me knock on one more door, or talk to one more precious child of God.

As we follow his example, and we learn to Love more like He does, we will see incredible things. We will RECEIVE and we will be HAPPY. Love more this week. Serve more this week. And be happy :) Because the Lord loves US and He wants US to be happy.

I love you all. Have a blessed week :)
Avec tout mon amour,
Soeur Beeny

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