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Can't Touch This - June 22, 2013

Surprise! I get to email this morning :) only for a little while though.

I'm soooo ready to get to France... only two more days.

Tuesday night's devotional was by Elder Gay of the 70... it was so powerful. He said "Missionary work is a revelatory work." SO TRUE! I never thought about it that way, but it is one hundred percent doctrine! This work would be NOTHING without the Spirit. We have all learned that here at the MTC. I can't wait to experience it out in the field.

In the pictures I sent you, the one of Mariah and I, the skirt I'm wearing is called "The Skirt of Shame". Remind me to tell you about it on Monday, haha.

So, this past week was pretty rough. I got sick. Probably 1 in 10 people got food poisoning this past week... and I was one of them. It started Tuesday afternoon. I started feeling ill but didn't think anything of it, but Tuesday night about 30 minutes after getting into bed I had to run to the bathroom. I was throwing up all night. I couldn't sleep. I had the worst stomach ache I've ever had in my life. My roommates got up around 5 am on Wednesday morning and I decided to try to get up and brush my teeth... well when I got to the bathroom I blacked out and woke up on the floor. It was so scary. I'm fine now, but I  literally woke up on the floor and all I could do was pray to Heavenly Father that I would have the strength to get up and get back to my room. I did. I got up and crawled to my room. My companion still hadn't woken up. So when she did wake up I had to tell her everything that happened. She and Soeur Francis, our Sister training leader were freaking out. I started crying and told them I wanted to go home (Words I never thought would leave my mouth). Then something amazing happened. Soeur Francis gathered up all our sisters and they knelt around my bed. Through tears Soeur Francis offered up one of the most sincere, heart felt prayers on my behalf. I didn't feel any more healthy after the prayer, but I knew that the Lord had endowed me with power through my calling and that I would be able to suffer through this trial. I am so grateful for my Sisters, especially Soeur Francis, and for their enduring faith in the Lord. I am going to miss them so much this coming week.

So yeah, that took up a bulk of this week. I spent all of Wednesday in bed, but by Thursday I was perfectly fine! Thursday was our in-field orientation... it was a long day, but it was a great day filled with the Spirit. The words they spoke keep echoing through my head. "No one can set the expectations for your mission." DAAANNG! I needed to hear that. They continually used France as an example. They told us that there are stereotypes about every mission in the world and that they are FALSE! No one has ever served my mission. They may have served in my mission, but they didn't serve with my companion and live everyday like I will. They won't meet the same people and they definitely won't live the plan that the Lord has layed out for me. So to all you people that told me "France is a hard mission" or "France is the lowest European baptizing mission" or "Don't be disappointed when you only have two baptisms", in your face! You can't set my expectations for my mission. You don't determine it and other missionaries don't determine it. THE LORD DETERMINES IT! The Lord has prepared people for ME to meet. That's right. ME. And there's nothing you or some dumb statistic can do about it. You can't touch this. :) I am so excited to experience France for myself and work as hard as I can. It's going to be REMARKABLE!

So that took kinda long to write... I am about done packing and I could still pack like 30 more pounds of luggage, so I'm looking forward to buying 30lbs of cute French clothes to bring home... (JK... kinda). haha.

Anyway, I love you all and miss you very, very much. I CANNOT WAIT TO CALL ON MONDAY!!!

Avec tout mon amour,

Soeur Victoria Beeny

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