Sunday, June 23, 2013

It's the Final Countdown! June 17, 2013

Okay, now to tell you about my week in 12 minutes.

I got my travel plans! AHH! It's the final countdown. One week. So we leave the MTC at 6am on Monday June 24th. We fly from SLC to Chicago, to London, then to Lyon. That's right ladies and gents; I will be in France for 17 months and NEVER see the Eiffel Tower. What a shame... but it's cool. I'm there for the Lord, not for myself! So I'll be able to call you from the SL airport AND from the Chicago airport. YAYY!!! So expect a call around 9 or 10 your time and then I'm not sure about Chicago... but I'll let you know then.

It was another great week here at the lovely MTC. I got to host on Wednesday and I will this week too. Which means I host the new missionaries and take them around campus to get their stuff, drop off their luggage, and take them to their classrooms. It was sups fun but sad because I saw WAY too many moms and siblings crying. I cried like 12 times that day... It was fun though.

We got new missionaries in our district, and it is really fun because they think we're geniuses at French because we've been here for almost five weeks... little do they know, haha. However, my French teachers told us that Soeur Roberts and I are the most advanced in our French and the best companionship in our teaching abilities. BOO YA! We were so excited to hear that. The most exciting thing this week was our lessons. We invited both of our investigators to be baptized... Delphine said she would pray about it. Raphael said YES! HE SAID YES! He isn't a real investigator, but it was real to us. It was the greatest feeling in the entire world. Like seriously. Saving souls is way more thrilling than Sixflag's Goliath. It was heartstopping. I cannot WAIT to get to France in one week and get to work. REAL WORK! However, I am getting worried about the French... I can speak, but I can't understand as well still. But alas, I know it will come with time!

So Soeur Roberts and I were asked to teach Sunday school yesterday, and we taught about The Book of Mormon... very basic and duh as missionaries we all know everything we need to know already... but it was an incredible lesson. The spirit spoke to me so sincerely while we were teaching. Thoughts came to my mind that I have never even thought before. I said "The Book of Mormon can answer ANY question we may have about life. It brings us peace and joy, and helps us come unto Christ and build a better relationship with the Lord; but Le Livre de Mormon, when we read it in French, will give us the gift of tongue. This book, it can teach us a new language. It can do ANYTHING we need it to do. Especially on our missions." WOOOWW! I couldn't believe those words came out of my mouth, but as soon as they did, I knew they were true. I read the Le LdeM everyday, and I have seen my French improve so stinkin much.

I love it so much here. I am going to miss my district with my whole soul. We have become very close, and the idea of leaving them breaks my little heart. The idea of no longer being Soeur Robert's companion fills my eyes to the brim with tears. She is so special to me. I don't know what I would do without her.

Okay, well just know that I love and miss you all so stinking much. This is the true gospel upon the earth. The Book of Mormon is a miracle. it is more than a book, it is an EXPERIENCE! So please, experience the Book of Mormon everyday together as a family and individually. The Lord loves you and is aware of you. He is aware of me and I know it. It is manifest to me EVERY SINGLE DAY! I love serving and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else... except maybe France already, haha. Okay, Love you.

Avec tout mon amour,

Soeur Victoria Beeny

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