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P-Days Rule! May 27, 2013

Well it's easy to say that PDays absolutely RULE. We have so much fun writing and just chilling out together. I love my district. We probably have TOO much fun together. The hardest thing for all of us is not hugging one another... I mean we can hug the girls, but we can't hug the Elders. It's rough. We can't even touch when we're in pictures, haha. It's ridiculous, but necessary. Go listen to the French cantique (hymn) Souvien-Toi. ITS AMAZING AND MY FAVORITE. The translation is beautiful too. So look up the words.

We taught our investigator Murielle twice last week. The lessons went well. Soeur Roberts and I are such a great team. We keep hoping we'll be able to serve together in France... but who knows if we'll get that lucky. We invited Murielle to be baptized, and she said she would think about it. Mine and Soeur Robert's French is improving a lot as we work together. The best way to improve is to practice speaking and conversing. We speak in French together a lot. We also have Language Study for maybe two hours a day where we study unassisted. Soeur Roberts and I use that time well. I taught her all of the verb tenses, which helped a lot, and we're working really hard on learning vocabulary. ITS INCREDIBLE. We learn more individually together than with our class, because we're still learning really basic French that both of us have already mastered. It's great being able to teach her and to learn from her too. I know more grammar, but she probably knows more random French vocab. I seriously love her so much. She is one of the greatest friends I have ever had. She is incredibly patient with me and keeps me focused. She is helping me develop into the missionary that I truly need to be. She's also hysterical. We have so much fun together. We joke around. She wakes me up in the morning and I love it, haha. We teach well together and are very good at building each other up. I'm seriously so lucky to have her.

But anyway, Murielle was being pretty stubborn and wouldn't really commit to anything. All we could do was testify to her. We taught her last on Wednesday, but couldn't teach her Thursday because we were in San Francisco.
 IT WAS SO FUN. Well, pretty fun anyway. We woke up at 2am to meet at 3am to leave... well the driver forgot to pick us up, so we sat around until 4am to leave. Our flight was at 6:15, so we got to the airport and ran to our flight. I sat in First Class! WHAT WHAT! It was aweseome. I sat with
Soeur Bailey, another sister going to Lyon. She is incredible. Her life story is very tender and I hope I will get the opportunity to serve with her in France. But anyway, we got to SanFran and met our driver who took us straight to the French Consulate. They weren't open yet, so we all split up into our companionships and went street contacting. SO FUN. We talked to 5 people within about 20 minutes, and I gave away my first pass along card! AHHH! It was seriously so much fun. We are so pumped for France. We went to the French consulate, they met with each of us for probably 5 minutes each, speaking in English, took our pictures, our fingerprints, and then we were on our merry way. We went to Pier 39 for lunch.
We went to Boudin, a French bread/soup place (DUH. We're so French) I burned the snot out of my tongue and I couldn't taste anything for days. We had lunch then walked around the pier. There were lots of Foreign tourists... and we met a French couple! WE SPOKE TO THEM IN FRENCH!! AHH! AND THEY UNDERSTOOD US AND WE HAD A REAL CONVERSATION! We talked to them about the concept of eternal marriage and being together forever. They were really sweet. We didn't have much time, so we gave them a passalong card and told them to go to We were so freaking excited we were almost in tears as they walked away. We feel so prepared for France... even though we don't leave for four more weeks. Anyway, I passed out during the flight home. We took the Trax back to Provo after our flight. My companion and I talked to two men on the way home and were able to have some very sweet conversations with them about Jesus Christ. We gave them both passalong cards. It was seriously the best day ever. Not because of SanFran, or because of our day off, or because of the consulate, but because we received REAL experience and are so inspired and ready to serve in France. It's so amazing. She told me that one of my talents while teaching is really staying engaged with the investigator. I am able to put all my focus on them and it makes them feel loved and gives them a reassurance that I truly care about what I'm teaching them and that I know it is true. It's pretty sweet.

So last week our teach Frere (Brother) Magre told us that we would be receiving another teacher this week in addition to him... we were all confused. On Friday Murielle (our "investigator") walked into the room in church attire.... SHE IS OUR NEW TEACHER! They pulled one over on us. She was just role playing. It's awesome. She's awesome. She served her mission in Paris and now she knows all of our strengths and weaknesses. She is going to be a phenomenal teacher. We are so excited to have her.

We still haven't gotten into very much French, and I'm starting to become impatient, but a lot of the missionaries in my district are still behind and not understanding what we're learning... It's frustrating and they know I'm getting frustrated, so they're getting frustrated with me. So I'm
trying to be patient and I'm starting to help everyone a little more every day. It's been fine. I'm learning as I teach.

Soeur Roberts and I have memorized, the missionary purpose, the first vision, the invitation to be baptized, and Moroni 10:4-5 in French. This week we'll be working on two other scriptures as well... we are improving together a lot. I'm so grateful for her.

Yesterday we were able to watch Sister Monson's funeral services... it was very moving. My heart hurts for President Monson. He's in all of our prayers (which are in French).

Okay, I need to write Win back... Love you so much. I'm hand writing Aubrey. So look for that. Did she get my letter last week? The Rainbow one?


Love you! DearElder me!


avec amour,

Soeur Victoria Beeny

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