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Stayin Alive - June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013

Okay, so about my week... well, I have a mysterious rash on my legs that I have had since last Saturday, so it's been over a week. I thought I was allergic to the grass, but I guess not. The doctors here don't do much... so yeah, they gave me allergy medicine. One of my roommates had rash cream, and I've been using that, but it's still not gone and I've been using it for four days or so. But it is getting better. Also, one of my earring piercings was infected this week. I couldn't wear earrings all week! I had to put hydrogen peroxide or whatever it is on it every morning and night. it kept bleeding, but it's gone now. Lastly, while playing beach volleyball this elder stepped on my foot. but it wasn't just that, he dug his heal into the top of my foot and turned. So I have a perfectly round shaped piece of skin missing from the top of my foot. It's about the size of a silver dollar. It's like a rug burn. it's okay now... It's starting to scab over, but I've just been barley hanging on this week! haha, I think it's funny :) I'm stayin Alive though...

Otherwise, it was just a normal week. It went by SUPER fast. I am so happy, because in two weeks, I'll be leaving for France! AWWWW!!! I'm so totally excited. And I'll get to talk to you on the phone :) I have a layover in England apparently, so I'll get to call you from there or something. Not exactly sure, but I'll have my travel plans next week I believe and I'll be able to fill you in more then.

I still love my companion. There are moments we get on each other's nerves, but that is totally expected and we are able to talk well together and resolve issues. Communication is key. I love her and we are very sad we only have two more weeks together, but both of us are very anxious to get to France. However, our district has had some drama this week. We had a plan to all sing together last week. As we were practicing, an Elder and a sister got into an argument and then two of the elders refused to sing with us. It was soooo dramatic. Some of them need to seriously get over themselves and stop being so puffed up. It was resolved after about a day, but nonetheless our Christlike attribute to work on this week is Charity and Love :) haha, we'll get there. We've been together for about a month now. This was bound to happen sometime! But I love them all so much. It breaks my heart that all of our elders and 3 of us six sisters are going to Paris... I won't be able to see them! They are going to be incredible though.

Everyone says PDay is the best day, but honestly Sunday is. It is so nice to just completely be filled with the Spirit. It's incredible. I love the MTC. Yesterday was an incredibly enlightening day for me.

Just know I love you soooo sooo much and I miss you all and think about you often.

I love this gospel and there is no other place I would rather be. Keep praying for me as I am for you.

This is the ONLY true gospel upon the earth. It is our way back to the Lord. He loves us. Christ lives. Le Livre de Mormon is the word of God. Read it. It will fill you with love.

Avec tout mon amour,

Soeur Victoria Beeny 



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